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Requirements 6.0+
Updated On October 5, 2022
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BlockerX Introduction

BlockerX is an application to block access to websites including unhealthy or violent content for Android phones and tablets. Installing this application on the device will give parents a little more peace of mind. For parents, this problem is even more worrisome. Children, at an innocent and pure age, can learn all knowledge, images, and information very quickly. It is also impossible to ban children from surfing the internet because obviously, they can learn many things from the Internet. So, is there a way to limit as many risks as possible to prevent children from accessing unhealthy sources like the dark web on the Internet?

BlockerX Mod APK – App Screenshot

There are many ways. You can set security for unnecessary applications on the device, limit playtime, only let your children use the phone when studying, and have somebody sitting next to them… but these methods seem difficult to be effective when your children grow up and their need for privacy is also higher. At this time, you should install an application that restricts the dark web on the device to both help protect them as best as possible from bad elements and give them a certain freedom.

BlockerX is an application that helps users block access to websites that contain adult content and sources of information that are unhealthy, violent, or have malicious codes that pose a risk to the device’s security. Block adult, unhealthy and violent content, This is also the main function of BlockerX. The application will automatically help you limit all unhealthy content on the network environment. If you want to block a specific website or application, you can also add their names to the application for absolute blocking.

BlockerX’s ability to block malicious content is based on its ability to select reported sources or sources containing images that are included in user warnings. From there, the app puts them on the “blacklist” and blocks them right when users search for them. “Absolute Block” is the word that best describes BlockerX’s powerful blocking function. BlockerX has the ability to block the Uninstall action no matter how hard the users try. In a nutshell, a device with BlockerX installed will never be able to manually remove BlockerX unless the person installing the app allows it by entering a series of passcodes that only they can have.

Main Features

  • 100 Million+ Adult Content Blocked to date.
  • Block social media apps, gaming apps & dating apps
  • 55K+ 5-star ratings.
  • Use Accountability Partner & Activate Safe Search.
  • Community Of More Than 100k Like-Minded People To Help You.
  • Set Daily Goal & Improve Your Streak Count.
  • Get Access To Video Courses For Free.

BlockerX Reviews

Aaron Hunt: It was good but now it doesn’t even work. I turned on the accessibility and now it just glitches. The glitching issue has resolved and I’m happily able to use the app again. It’s a pretty good app. More proactive communication from the developer if an issue is noticed would be the only enhancement I would recommend.

Lucas Tipton: The app is good overall. It’s helped me go without porn for three days. My only complaint is that it has the option to turn off porn blocker in-app. Like, what’s the point of that? The app has uninstall prevention if you sign up for premium, but it’s pointless if you can turn it off. At the very least guys, have it be like the uninstall prevention and take away the ability to turn it off if you sign up for premium

Gilbert Keys: Works great most of the time. Only thing is sometimes you have to type carefully. You may make a typo or say something that you didn’t know was a triggering keyword for the blocker. For example in Instagram DMs, if you type a message with the wrong word in it, the pop-up will show up and now you can’t go into the conversation and delete what you were trying to type. It’s saved as a draft and the blocker pops up too fast for you to do anything. Almost locking you out of the conversation thread.

Download BlockerX:App & Website Blocker APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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