Get Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords for 2021, that is working! Netflix is the leader in content creation and distribution. Netflix is an American production company that provides a subscription-based streaming video-on-demand service. A vast collection of movies and TV series is available to users, with 40% being original Netflix content. There are types of content on Netflix like Netflix Special Netflix original. The first type is produced by other content creators on Netflix, while the second type is created by Netflix.

Most people already know that Netflix has a subscription-based service. You will pay a fixed amount per month or for a full year depending on the plan you choose. A monthly subscription allows users to use Netflix on five devices. Through this option, 5 people can enjoy the Netflix shows and movies for the whole month. It is a great deal for both students and people who are not earning.

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However, someone who is responsible for paying the bill will find it too expensive and difficult to afford. You can see someone else who has Netflix, and they will pay a percentage for the use of it. Or they find four other people to share the Netflix Monthly cost.

The good news is that you can get Netflix Premium free of charge from many sources, including ours. It is completely legal. You can login to Netflix using your Account and password, without having to pay a penny. There are many websites that offer expired Netflix Passwords and Accounts. We have the free Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords you can use in 2021.

Netflix Introduction

Netflix started its journey in 1997. The company is now the most popular online Entertainment streaming service on the planet. It was initially allowed in certain countries, such as the USA, Canada and the UK. Netflix is now available in all 190 countries, with an incredible 214 million users.

Netflix offers three slots [BASIC, STANDARD, and PREMIUM]There are many plans available for subscribers as well as those who wish to subscribe. Subscribers can choose the package that suits their budget. Other than creating their own content the Netflix also acquires copyrights of other productions like The Friends “One of the highest-rated seasons of all time”. Friends and other top-rated sitcoms, movies, and tv programs can be seen on Netflix.

Pricing and plans

Here is the list of shows and Pricing of Netflix’s Different Plans across different countries shown in an image. These statistics and details will make it easier for new Netflix users understand the cost of Netflix Premium Accounts. They are also free and can save you hundreds of dollars.



  • Subscribe to Netflix and enjoy the best digital content, including Shows and Motion Pictures.
  • Search for Movies and Documentaries, Seasons, Seasons, Recordings and Other TV Shows. Here you will find all types of digital entertainment.
  • The online stream isn’t high cost. Unlimited content is available for a monthly fee. Million hours of entertainment are more than an average man’s life years.
  • This App is available for download on your iPhone/Android devices free of charge.
  • Rating system where users can rate shows and suggest them to new viewers.
  • Netflix has the most content of any streaming service, even YouTube.
  • Complete seasons with complete shows
  • Streaming is free of advertisements.
  • Each movie or season can be saved offline. You can view offline shows from anywhere with an internet connection.

First Method: How to Get Netflix Free Subscription for a Month

You can find so many different types of content and productions on Netflix. You would be surprised to learn that Netflix gives all this content away for free. Never ever!. Only one month of free trial will be available to users. Netflix isn’t a Free source Application so you have to pay the amount according to the subscribed plan every month unless you pay it on annual basis. Netflix gives one free mount membership to every user, provided you pay the cash in accordance with your Plan. You can apply the below method to get this free membership.

Step 1: Open the Netflix official website on your Android, iPhone, or Windows, macOS.

Step 2: On that page click or tap on the “Email Address” bar, enter your Email and click on get started.

choose plan

Step 3: Now another Window is opened, here you can see the choice for the “Choose your Plan”, essentially Click on the Next.

Step 4: Here you can see the Netflix month-to-month membership plans list, select the premium or any Plan according to your budget. Click the Next Option.


Step 5: Now another New window is opened for “Setup your Payment” You have the option of using a Credit Card (Visa/American Express/Mastercard) Or, you can set up your account using the Postpaid Mobile bill.

Step 6: Now, give your “Visa More details” in the necessary spaces.

Step 7: Congratulation you successfully made an account on Netflix, now you can enjoy the Free one-month of premium plan. You will not pay a penny for the first month.

Second Method: Share your Netflix account easily (or, get from someone else)

We mentioned earlier that the Netflix Account subscription can be used on up to 5 devices. In this case, you can get free Netflix for up to four accounts. This means that you can share your password on multiple devices. You could also ask a friend to share your password. Ask the friend to share their Netflix Account and password. You can use Netflix Premium free of charge by adding him/her to their account via your email.

Note: If you have free space for people on your Netflix Account don’t forget the needy ones. A friend in dire need is indeed a friend.

Step 1. Step 1. We want to emphasize that only two profiles can simultaneously stream Netflix. And also, the Mobile plan subscriber can’t get this option.

Step 2. You will not be charged with any hidden or apparent offenses if this is used.

Step 3. Step 3. Many people share their Netflix accounts with friends or family around the globe. This is legal and not against Netflix’s policy.

Step 4. Step 4.

Third Method: Jio or Airtel give their customers a free Netflix subscription.

This method of streaming Netflix Premium for Free is ranked third, as it is only available to Indians. Jio Network and Airtel are two of the most popular SIM networks in India. They are also India’s most famous rivals. Both companies strive to outperform each other in terms of their user experience and services. Both Jio Network and Airtel users can now enjoy Netflix Premium free of charge, as the cost of some packages includes it.

Indian customers who subscribe to the Airtel Package above rs 499 will be eligible for the Netflix Premium at no cost. These offers are valid for both Postpaid and Prepaid users. Rs. 499, Rs. 649, Rs. 799, Rs. You will have free access to the popular streaming video service. Base Rs users on the 500 Rs Airtel Plan will receive a 3-month free access. 500 Netflix Plan, SD Quality Videos Only

This offer is only available to users who have downloaded the My Airtel App for their mobile phones. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. Make sure you have the latest version of the app. You can update the latest version of this app.

Username Password Subscription Plan
[email protected] 17737271888 30-Days
[email protected] 123456 90-Days
[email protected] substation232 30-Days
[email protected] cdefgahc 30-Days
[email protected] danbrown2 90-Days
[email protected] gatewaysTc 30-Days
[email protected] MeOnly$1 30-Days
[email protected] sophie 30-Days
[email protected] Freenetflix 30-Days
[email protected] Freenetflix 60-Days
[email protected] Freenetflix 60-Days
[email protected] Freenetflix 60-Days
[email protected] freenetflix 30-Days
[email protected] Freenetflix 30-Days
[email protected] iloveelvis 30-Days
[email protected] What aboutthat? 30-Days
[email protected] teamith 30-Days
[email protected] Freenetflix 30-Days


Last Updated List of Free Netflix Premium Passwords and Accounts


Username Password Validity
[email protected] ichbinderbeste 1-Month
[email protected] itechhacksofficial1 1-Month
[email protected] mypassicantgivesyou 30-Days
[email protected] youaremine3 30-Days
[email protected] lovemealoat2 30-Days
[email protected] Notesmen2 30-Days
[email protected] Marvin1207 30-Days
[email protected] sialkot12 30-Days
[email protected] bucksfan54 30-Days


Access to Premium Netflix accounts and passwords for free

These must be taken before the slots are closed.

Email: [email protected]
Pass: teamith

Emal: [email protected]
Pass: apass@97531

Email:[email protected]
Pass: apass@97531

Final words

Let’s be real, we don’t support Netflix Premium being offered for free. Netflix spends billions each year to offer legitimate and high-quality content. Because it will enable Netflix to keep improving the content, every penny counts. Every season is more brutally produced than the preceding one in terms resolution, detail, editing and cinematography. They are spending billions to entertain you it’s your duty to pay at least in hundreds. This tutorial will show you how to get free Netflix Premium. Also, viewers can see a pretty lengthy list of Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords 2021

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