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Category Tools,
Latest Version 6.1.0
Size 11MB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On January 5, 2022
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CCleaner Pro Introduction

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”. That sentence may be familiar to many. Everything will shine brighter if there is cleanliness and order. People feel better when they are clean. This holds true in all situations and for everything, even mobile. People who have never used CCleaner Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Please download it and start using it right away to clean up your phone. You will find many useful features here. Smart junk removal and unexpected phone speeding–up

CCleaner Pro Mod Apk - Gameplay ScreenshotCCleaner Pro APK – App Screenshot

What does CCleaner do?

CCleaner allows you to clear cache and remove junk from your phone. This mess can make your phone slow. If you don’t believe me, download CCleaner to clean up your phone. Then restart your phone, and you can surf the internet or do other operations to speed it up.

It seems easy to clean a house. But anyone who has ever clean a messy house will be able to tell you. It’s extremely difficult. It is very difficult to get everything in order. You need to sort, examine each item carefully, decide which items to keep and which to toss away, then clean and finally place the items in the appropriate storage after filtering out anything that doesn’t belong. The CCleaner cleaning method follows the same steps. CCleaner’s smart cleaning is highly appreciated by users. Let’s see how CCleaner does it!

CCleaner scans and analyses hard drives.

CCleaner is an AI-based technology that scans your entire phone to report on the current capacity. It will let you know which part is taking up the most space, which part has the most frequency of use… This information is not for fun but will be the basis for you to confidently choose files, folders, and problematic albums, then put them in the filter list to save space on your phone.

Once the status is reported, the system will automatically search for duplicates and unused files to start removing junk for the owner.

Did you know that every phone becomes slow as it is used? It is because you have copied duplicate files, images or videos many times and many files are never used. The device is therefore slowing down because too much capacity has been used. These problems are the key function of CCleaner. CCleaner is able to scan, filter, and search for files of all types (duplicates, junk files, unused).

Ccleaner can automatically delete those files if you permit it. This junk removal option should not be used unless you have read the detailed capacity analysis provided by CCleaner. Look at the files that are rarely used and determine what you can let CCleaner remove automatically and what you can do manually. Important files should not be deleted accidentally.

CCleaner can eradicate junk completely

It is more than simply deleting an icon from the screen that you delete a file, folder or application. Manually, you will need to determine their origin and then completely delete them. CCleaner makes it easy to delete files at the root. It will ensure that your device has the maximum storage capacity.

Application censorship

Users may not be concerned about this feature as they think the device is too heavy because of all the files. However, this feature is vital. It will reduce the number of background programs (often unknown), that can arise while browsing the internet or performing tasks on the phone. It helps reduce the size of your phone and improves its performance. Sometimes the phone’s space saved from cleaning this section is greater than that from deleting files, images and videos.

Hibernate is a feature in CCleaner that allows you to disable background applications until you open them manually. This allows you to actively choose applications, while saving space overall.

Main Features

Optimize and Clean

  • Get your phone up and running faster.
  • Clear application cache, download files, browser history, clipboard contents, and more

Reclaim Storage Space

  • Streamline your Android tablet or smartphone
  • Multiple unwanted programs can be quickly and easily removed
  • Save valuable storage space
  • Remove junk files, including obsolete and residual files
  • Use Storage Analyzer to optimize and analyze your storage space

Analyze Applications’ impact

  • Find out which apps are using your data
  • Check out apps that drain your battery
  • App Manager allows you to discover unused apps

Your Device will be faster

  • Task Killer (RAM Booster), will quickly stop running tasks and clear memory.
  • App Hibernation is a feature that will stop apps running in background until you manually open the app

Simple to Use

  • In just a few steps, optimize your Android
  • It is simple and intuitive to use, and it is easy to navigate.
  • Compact, efficient and fast with low CPU and RAM usage
  • App Stats allows you to quickly evaluate the impact of individual apps on your device.

Monitor your System

  • Your CPU’s usage should be checked
  • Keep track your RAM and internal storage space
  • Check your temperature and battery level

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CCleaner Pro Reviews

Matthew Fox: It’s truly amazing. I was unable to send videos through messenger before I downloaded this app. My download time was ridiculously slow & sometimes after I would try to open one of my apps, it was like I didn’t even press it. After I ran app, I was stunned by all the BS on my phone, like Gbs worth, & I thought I was good at clearing my cache etc. Androiders, it turns out that a lot of stuff gets stored in difficult to reach places like fat. This app is highly recommended!!

Anthony Thomas: This app is the only one that actually does anything productive out of all the cleaning apps available. I also like the interactive nature, used to go through all the apps on my phone to make sure it was clean. I am happy to report that this cleaner has not required me to manually clean any cache files.

Jeannine McDonald: After my bil taught me how to use it, the hibernate app made a big difference in battery saving. I love it. It would make it a better pgm if there were thumbnails of pdf files so that you could quickly see them and then get rid of them. It would be great to have an information link that explained exactly what you are about to delete. Ex: Even though the link will show you which files are safe to delete, I still want to know what those files are. What are invisible cache files? To look it up, I will need to leave the pgm.

Download CCleaner Pro APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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