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Latest Version 8.1.43200
Size 20MB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Requirements Android+
Updated On February 10, 2022
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File Commander Introduction

If you still wonder about managing files on your phone or don’t know what to sort, delete, or keep, don’t be hesitate and download File Commander MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) to use it right away.

How can you deal with too many files on your smartphone?

One of the challenges when using smartphones or tablets with too many memory is to keep files organized and easily findable. You can quickly view, copy, open, and move files when you need them. Anyone who’s used a large phone can understand. You can take pictures, record, work, surf the internet, and download files. However, when it comes to the old ones, you don’t know where to find, which is time – consuming and confusing. Unintentionally, we become slaves to technology and not its stewards.

This situation will make it clear how important it is for you to keep your phone clean, organized, and with a purpose. But this doesn’t take too long to remember the principle of saving files or anything, you just need to download a dedicated file management application like File Commander, and you’re done.


File Commander does more than organize and manage. After using it for a few weeks I found the following three features to be my favorite.

Everything, both inside and outside.

Phone’s memory is usually divided into two places: internal memory, external memory. It is split up into smaller corners that are suitable for various types of software, files, and applications. File Commander MOD APK can help you organize all files and folders scattered around this place. It also includes files from your external memory card.

The word “manage” here is more than you expect. From simple tasks such as open, read, find files, copy, rename, cut, delete files… to more advanced operations such as compressing files quickly, compactly and moving files to other locations are solved within a few minutes.

All the things you do on your laptop or PC are now possible on your smartphone. With all your files, you can easily do the same thing in one user-friendly interface. The feeling of familiarity makes me more excited when I sit back and review files and accompany the application to organize my “smartphone life” more neatly.

File Commander manages your online files as well

We all have large files that are often related to multiple users, especially at work. They need to be stored somewhere else to make it easy to access them from different sources. It is difficult to manage these large files online with many common file management programs. File Commander makes it easy. Just log in to your personal online storage account and you can easily handle and perform all management operations, just like you do with the phone’s internal storage above.

File Commander MOD APK works well with all files that are stored online, such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Convert file extensions to any format

It is very annoying to have to install an additional file extension or conversion software and then open each file to modify it. This wonderful feature is always available in File Commander. The application will help you convert existing files to more than one hundred different formats such as from docs to pdf, from ppt to pptx, pdf… Some popular formats can be mentioned such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, TXT, GIF, JPG, FLAC, MP3, MP4, M4A CSV, BMP, PPTX, TIFF… This feature is special for ppt files that just need to be viewed without editing.

A series of incredible extra features that are unbelieveable

File-Commander-MOD-APK2File Commander MOD APK – App Screenshot

In addition to the three key features above, File Commander MOD APK also has a series of “heavyweight” side features, I’m sure you’ll be startled because you really need it but haven’t realized it yet. Details:

  • Secure important files with password management.
  • You can transfer files from your smartphone to your computer or other smart devices, without the need for any additional software.
  • Show you how much memory all files are taking up, memory statistics of each section and suggests what to do with these files, such as deleting files that have never been opened, moving to another memory area, and deleting useless intermediate files…
  • Final step: Download the File Commander to install it and receive 5GB of free storage space. Also, you can save your data online.

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File Commander Reviews

ZaciuX: The best file manager I have used so far. I cannot access “android/data” and “android/obb” with the latest Android 11 update, but I can with this application. Although ads did have a slight impact on the app, I don’t mind it being usable.

Cải Cák Záo Dục: It’s all fine except for one thing. I should add a function that allows me to extract archives with a password. If I encounter a password protected file, I will need another app to enter it. It shouldn’t be missing.

Andy Rebman: It is a great way to organize your files. It’s easy to use, and it works well. To transfer files and photos from my phone, I attach a usb drive. File Commander allows me this to be done quickly and without worrying about losing the files. It does exactly what I expected and I am happy that it came with no problems.

Download File Commander Manager & Cloud APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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