Latest Version 1.3.5
Size 40MB
MOD Features VIP Unlocked
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On March 9, 2022
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Introduction to Mokoroom

Mokoroom MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) is an image editor that uses modern AI technology. This app transforms your photo in seconds.

Are photo editing programs with AI safe?

There are many AI-based editing apps available. Although there are risks that your photos could be stolen by people with bad intentions or other malicious intents, these applications can also be very attractive.

However, there are some situations where it is safe to use the apps for entertainment purposes. They’re funny and there’s no way your photos can be used to do other dark schemes. Mokoroom is one such safe app.

What sets Mokoroom apart from other mobile photo editors?

Mokoroom MOD APK is a cartoon-style, free photo editing app that doesn’t require logos. It also offers a wide range of animation effects. Mokoroom is different than other photo editing programs because it uses modern AI technology for automatic editing. It creates animated images in just seconds.


You can choose from any photo of yourself or the scene and you can also use your favorite photo editing options in the app. Instantly, your original photo will be transformed into an art piece. Mokoroom can do nearly every feature with only one touch. You can then add filters and stickers to enhance the image. Click the share button to make the image a cover or profile picture for your social media account.

Real images converted into cartoons

Cartoon-style images bring humor and fun to the viewers. The problem with many apps that offer similar functions is the fact that animated images can look fake or too different from real people. This makes it difficult for owners to recognize themselves.

Mokoroom will create cartoon images that are close to your eyes and easy to recognize by simply looking at them. The app can import an image from another source or you can take a picture and then use the Cartoon Image function. Wait a few seconds for the final product.

The whole process is automated. You don’t need to manually edit it or add any supporting applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, or other software applications. You only need an original photo and a touch. Once you have the animation you want, you can proceed through the rest of Mokoroom’s features to complete your unique edited image.

Design templates

Mokoroom MOD APK offers many different templates: food, landscape, festival, cartoon… Depending on your personal preference, you can choose any of your favorite templates. You should ensure the image is appropriate for the intended purpose. If you are taking a selfie and the food template is too weird for your taste, then you might need to change it. There are no rules. Mokoroom lets you adjust any image in your own way.

Mokoroom’s Stylish Templates function will reduce editing time by at least half compared to manually tweaking each feature. Mokoroom MOD APK updates the templates regularly, so your images will always be fresh and inspired.

Filters of different styles

You can use filters to add depth and color effects to your photos after you have selected the Mokoroom templates. There are many filters that can be used to create different effects. Each style is divided into groups. These are the:

  • You can capture every moment of happiness in your life with either pop art or classical filters.
  • Vintage filters & VHS filters with film camera effects will bring your photos back to the old days.
  • You can use artistic filters to create caricatures of your photos
  • Oil painting filters, or sketch filters, transform the strokes of the image into different brushes and colors in painting art.

3D effects free

The image might not be as perfect after editing. The 3D Photo Effects cluster can be used to edit photos and give them a 3D effect. You can:

  • Double exposure: Multiple exposures to the same image can be used to achieve the required brightness and depth.
  • Next, use the rich 3D templates for creating your 3D animations.
  • You can choose from a variety of Sticker emoticons. They are both large and small in quantity. They are very small. Mixing them together will make the image more fun.

You can also turn yourself into a cartoon character by using the 3D cartoon Avatar filter.

Once you are done editing, save the image and click the Share button to share it with your friends. You can use it to cover your profile or make a change to your social media account profile if you like it.

Face swap editing feature

Mokoroom-MOD-APK2Mokoroom MOD APK – App Screenhsot

Mokoroom is able to do this because of AI technology that makes use facial recognition. You can quickly turn your face into an image of a tiger, deer, bear… These face changes, you see, are purely for entertainment. It is unlikely that anyone would use such a beautiful and humorous image in serious matters. So, I’m always wary of other applications that put a person’s face in another place or a short video. Mokoroom is a great option. So far, it’s still good and safe.

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Mokoroom Reviews

Piero Tagaragu: It’s amazing! It’s very fast in my Nokia phone. It’s amazing! It is highly recommended.

Aditya Patwardhan: This is a great app. I found what I needed. This app is very entertaining and informative.????

Shell BI: love this app. My friends use my edits for their profile photos. They are so much of a lot of fun and have tons to effect.

James Ernest Castro-Haddad: @cassandra celosa Network problems are more frequent than you might think. It’s not due to an error. It’s usually caused by sim swapping. Cloned phones are increasing. It is hard to stop. You might not experience this, but it is a good indicator that you have password problems. SD Maid or dfndr security are two options I recommend. You shouldn’t have more than one email on the same device. This applies whether you are on DSL or cable. Hacking a computer with cable is much easier.

Download Cartoon Photo Editor: Mokoroom APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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