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Nova Desktop Introduction

Are you bored with the default wallpapers that are available on your phone or computer? APKMODO today introduces you to a unique wallpaper app for your smartphone. This is the Nova Desktop APK app.

Waifu: What does it mean?

Waifu is a familiar name to anime fans. You don’t know. Waifu can be described as a bogus woman, appearing in anime and manga. The word waifu is made up of the word “wife” (in English is the wife). Today, waifu can be described as a female character from a manga or cartoon. N0va Desktop will give you a virtual wife to use as wallpaper.

N0va-Desktop-APK1Nova Desktop APK – App Screenshot

Unique wallpaper application

N0va Desktop APK functions in the same manner as other wallpaper applications. It lets you choose videos to be your animated wallpaper on your phone or computer. In this application, you will be “adopted” by a lovely virtual wife. Of course, this girl’s body is also scorching with eye-catching outfits.

If you’re single, the main character of this application can be considered your wife. It can be set as your wallpaper so you can see your wife whenever you like. Sometimes just looking at her can help you relax and relieve stress. Just download Nova Desktop, you can choose from many different types of wallpapers to see the beautiful “wife.”

Many wallpapers

N0va Desktop APK offers many options about animated wallpapers. You can choose from two different wallpaper types in this application. This background image can be used with or without sound. These wallpapers are not sound-based and can be used as normal wallpapers. You can open the music to hear the background image and sound. Both wallpapers can be customized with a variety themes.

Go to settings to change your wallpaper. You can download multiple sets of wallpapers so you can choose from them whenever and wherever you like. In future updates, the developer will add many new themes and beautiful videos.

Two platforms supported

N0va Desktop APK is currently only available for Android and Windows. This app can be used on Android phones, computers, and laptops.


Main Features

  • Lumi comes to life with silky smooth live wallpapers
  • You can choose from a variety of wallpapers and videos to best suit your mood.

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N0va Desktop Reviews

Willem Emiya: This is a fantastic app. If lumi doesn’t show up on your screen, you can try this: Open the app and set the wallaper you like. If it doesn’t then close the app. Restart your phone.

Bluff: This app is amazing. The main focus of the app is Lumi, where you can personalize her outfits free of charge. There are also wallpapers for mihoyo’a games like Genshin or Honkai. There are animated wallpapers that feature characters such as Zhongli and Ganyu, Eula or Klee, Hu Tao, Klee, Klee and many others. You can also find static wallpapers that are from past patches, such as Raiden Shogun’s Inazuma.

Ice cream: My laptop can sometimes get too hot, but it still works fine and doesn’t crash. Although i love the wallpapers, i have to be able to save my phone’s heating during games like honkai or genshin. I tried to change my wallpaper. Now, i have two.. The first shows up when i open my laptop and then Nova’s comes back.

Download N0va Desktop - Live Wallpapers APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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