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Updated On December 14, 2021
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Tumblr Introduction

Tumblr MOD APK is a social networking app that’s very popular today. You can share any information, upload images, status updates, and videos about your everyday life. You can also make friends with people all over the globe.

Let me first list the major features of Tumblr

  • You can easily make friends and have fun with your friends from anywhere in the world with one mobile phone that has an internet connection.
  • Chat with friends and create groups. Like any other social network, you can send pictures, voice recordings and videos to your friends.
  • Share with your friends all the files you want such as pictures, videos, games, gif files… All are delivered to the recipient in original quality.

Tumblr only offers three exclusive features


One of the breakthrough features is the “Dashboard”. It is very similar to other social media networks’ Newsfeeds or Timeline. Dashboard in Tumblr, however, is a messageboard that updates content and information from users you follow. It is located right in the main interface, and you can freely interact with the existing content on this Dashboard such as comment, reblog, send emojis, send private messages…. Collecting, processing, and selection of information to post on Tumblr’s Dashboard takes place in a very AI way, making users sometimes surprised with the useful information they are reading from their friends’ Tumblr page.

Next, we have the tag feature. This feature is very similar to Instagram and Facebook’s hashtag feature. Tumblr, however, is more specific with information classes and automatically grouped together for users who need to search.

The HTML feature is also available for website platforms and blogs. HTML lets users understand how to customize their blog, modify necessary parameters, personalize it, and edit its interface.

Tumblr MOD APK is more than a social network. It is also a combination of a personal blog and a social network. Tumblr’s 2007 debut (by Davidville Frederator Studios) was not a great start. Tumblr has so far proven to be a popular social networking app and has attracted an enormous user base.

What makes the ‘magnet’ named Tumblr?

Tumblr MOD APK has become a symbol for young people. Tumblr is so popular when there are so many social media networks with terrible spreads.

Its rich content is the reason. Tumblr started as an information platform. Developers don’t spend time looking for users, or trying to get them to sign up with their advertising campaigns. Instead, they focus on building massive information about the product.

Natural qualities will naturally be sought after by many people. Tumblr has the lowest advertising budget of all the social media networks, yet still attracts large numbers of users. You can find everything you want: memes that update every minute, highly artistic images, high-quality videos … In general, if Google has something, Tumblr also has it.

The second reason is likely the ability to easily retrieve and find information. Facebook allows you to search for keywords and many things will appear as posts, pages or events. This clear stratification can also be frustrating for users. Tumblr makes it much easier to search for information. Use the hashtags/tags to instantly locate what you’re looking for. Are you satisfied with the results? It’s beyond your imagination. Tumblr not only “scans” on its giant blogging system but also goes beyond that limit, giving you excellent focused results.

Tumblr-MOD-APK1Tumblr MOD APK – App Screenshot

What is Tumblr’s interface like?

It’s easy to use and has a nice interface. Because the platform is a microblog combined with social networks, Tumblr’s interface is very artistic and highly personal. Each person has their own “home”. They interact, share, and enrich Tumblr.

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Tumblr Reviews

Thảo Linh: The experience is great. Even though pages load quite frequently, sometimes it’s hard to remember what I was reading.

Jennifer Januszkiewicz: I love the app. The app is functionally great. It allows for a pleasant user experience without sacrificing functionality. Its interface is extremely clean and clutter-free on my Samsung Note 20something. Developers did not try to include a sidebar which would have taken up space for image/post display. This app is great.

Shannen Jonker: Tumblr is my favorite app, but it recently added chat conversation deletion and reblogs. After a reblog/queue/draft, it has always scrolled to the top. You can no longer post drafts simultaneously. Instead, you must wait for the first draft to be added, then add the next draft to your queue. If you post from the bottom, the draft will automatically scroll to the top. Although it’s an incredible app, these bugs make it difficult to use.?

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