Publisher Super Bit Machine,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.61.6
Size 176MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 6.0+
Updated On December 20, 2021
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ARMAJET Introduction

ARMAJET APK, a brand new action game by Super Bit Machine is now available. You will be taken to the 4v4 shooting area with very attractive flying, chasing and shooting scenes.

It has a variety of game modes and deserves to be called the Future eSport Mobile Shooter Game

In the future, humans may need to wear heavy armor and fire weapons. Or even join forces with other species in order to defeat malicious invaders. You are one of these heroic warriors in ARMAJET APK. ARMAJET made this brief introduction to give you a clear premise for launching a game that has the most multiplayer options on the mobile platform.


After a brief introduction, the game moves on to a series of storylines. Next comes a description of the weapons and characters available. You might get some ideas about the game mode that you are most interested in.

You can play solo with the system’s AI with Fuel Frenzy mode and you win if you keep 10 fuel cells. But, keep in mind that there is a limit to your time and that everything is counting down every second.

You can fight with others in Team Deathmatch if you don’t like fighting alone. If your team is able to score 30 points, or your opponent dominates for more than three minutes, you will be declared the winner.

You can also play 4v4 Battle Ball. All you need is 3 goals to beat your opponent.

There are many game options.

In ARMAJET APK, most of your weapons and those of your opponent are equal at first. You will gain more power and damage as you win. There are hundreds upon hundreds of weapons, each with their own damage and power. After you have gathered a lot of weapons, it is possible to choose your own items depending on the terrain and scene. You could choose a multipurpose rifle, a long-range defensive rifle or a flamethrower that produces tremendous heat.

And of course, it doesn’t stop there. In ARMAJET APK, you also have the opportunity to use power-up techniques to support yourself and your teammates such as shields, magic circles, … or weapons that deal with bigger damage on enemies. These are known as heavy, surprise strikes and can be performed with enough bonus. To get the maximum effect, you must save your bonus so that it can be used at the right moment on the right enemy. You should not use it in battles with too many enemies.


There are many heroes to choose from, including humans and aliens. All of them are wearing astronaut clothes, which allow them to jump, fly and perform aerial stunts in space. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses, but there are always essential weaknesses. Humans are inclined to speed but have weak attacks. Some are always full of fuel, but do low damage to enemies. Some characters have a high damage score, but they heal very slowly.

Although it is simple to play, it requires quick thinking and fast acting.

In ARMAJET APK speed is the ultimate weapon of victory. Different game modes can be chosen, but all require you to be able to swing, jump and shoot your enemy at lightning speed. As the enemy’s speed, size, and speed increase, it is becoming more popular to have more speed. Sometimes, I just want to be able to use 6 hands and 3 heads to play. This is also why there are so many game modes. The game encourages cooperative combat and allows you to battle 4 against 4 rather than playing alone.

You can play by touching the destination. One-touch means to go where you want. Two-continuous-touch means to fly forward. Touch the enemy to shoot them. Add a few key actions to attack. The simple action design is also a manufacturer’s intention to move forward into an eSport shooter game in the future.

Each win will give you a chance at a different medal. Each type can be used to redeem or accumulate the appropriate item/ upgrade. You can roll, shoot and fight or play alone, win medals, and upgrade. It’s an endless yet stimulating loop.

The fiery graphics and sound of ARMAJET

The first thing you should mention about ARMAJET’s attraction is its sound. You will not hear the same sound as other mobile games, but 32-channel sound with 5D sound effect technology. This combination will shock everyone! Particularly when there are powerful shakes and firing blasts at the enemy. Excited and eye-catching.

ARMAJET-APK3ARMAJET APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The game’s graphics are perfect for gun battles in outerspace. The backgrounds are all surreal and feature minimalistic colors that highlight the effects of attacks and movements by 2D characters.

I love the weapon design in ARMAJET. It’s so detailed that you can see the trigger, barrel, as well as the gun’s body. This is a significant advance for a mobile shooter video game. There are many warriors with personality and different colors in the game. Each warrior has its own unique characteristics and you will always be able to remember them once they are seen. The clothes they wear initially make them look the same, especially those with mid-sized bodies. However, through the game, when weapons and items are opened, each player’s ability to change, automatically shape and equipment will be much different.

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Main Features

100% Skill-based. You Never Have To Pay To Win

  • You only need your starting loadout to beat anyone in the game. Armajet’s game mechanics are easy to learn, hard to master and bridge the gap for ultra-competitive, cross-platform gameplay.

Controls that don’t sting

  • Intuitive twin stick mobile controls make flying and shooting easy — surviving is the challenge. We support all bluetooth controllers. Just connect your favourite controller anytime to get started!

Select your game mode

  • Team Deathmatch: Take part in team deathmatch battles to win supremacy in the air. You can win by scoring points at the end of each round or reaching the kill limit.
  • Fuel Frenzy – Looking for a strategic gaming mode? This one’s for you. You must collect and keep fuel cells in order to win. But if you get fragged before the countdown ends, you’ll lose them all!
  • Battle Ball: Score goals in the enemy power hoop and win! To create killer chain reactions, throw, pass, or even dunk the Battle Ball!
  • Free for All: You against everyone. This mode has the most action and killstreaks, guaranteed to make you shiver!
  • Duel: The stakes can be as high as your skill gap. Pure arena combat: Take control of the arena, conquer the pickups!

Team up with your friends

  • Create your own party or join a friend’s! Blaze your way through out-of the world arenas and fight against contra teams! The best team PvP combat!

Hundreds Of Weapon Mods

  • Are you more comfortable with close-range PvP combat, or are you more at home in close quarters? You can choose an all-purpose rifle or long-range sniper rifles to defend your position, or you can unleash flamethrowers to cause havoc. With almost 1000 weapon mods to keep you in action, you’ll never be out of options!

Unlock & Upgrade Heroes

  • With hundreds of skins available, fly in style! Be sneaky in the skies with Jackal, assassinate your enemies with Umeko and defend your team’s honor as Ramirez!

Valor And Season Road

  • You can advance in the Valor Route by winning rounds and unlocking generous packs, pilots weapons skins, skins, jet trails, and other goodies! Just by playing, you can unlock limited-time rewards

High Quality Graphics & Audio

  • Experience SONIC ECSTASY’s 32-channel sound and planet shaking 5D Sound effects that will melt your ears!

Clan System

  • To organize, socialize, and compete, you can create your clan, recruit pilots, or join an established clan.

Aspire to the Leaderboards

  • Worldwide leaderboards by clan and individual with seasonality Are you able to climb the leaderboards while staying in the lead?


Matthew Botto: This is a truly great game. Arena shooters are a great game. It is already addictive due to the fluidity and sound design. This was something I discovered from a friend who was a beta tester and quickly learned how to use it. The game is also very accessible because I could play it on multiple platforms with cross-progression —it just clicks. Gun balance is also very well done.

Low Key: This game is extremely competitive with its smooth graphics and controls. You can also enjoy the game while you wait. This makes the game even more enjoyable

Wouter: You can map controllers manually now. Technically, any controller will work. You can change the interface icons to Xbox and Playstation styles. Good music and graphics, no p2w! You can also add vehicle capture of the flag, or CTF with vehicles. Or zone control with vehicles/fighter crafts. This would be fantastic on larger maps.

Master Mostfa: Great game. It’s fun and balanced. I was also impressed by the levels and reward system. You can’t forget the amazing graphics and music that give the game its atmosphere.

Download ARMAJET: Season 7 APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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