Publisher Tier 9 Game Studios,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 503
Size 150MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android Network required+
Updated On December 11, 2021
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Auto Battles Online Introduction

Do you want to play a role-playing fighting game but don’t want to spend too much time playing and climbing on the ranking? Well, let’s try Auto Battles Online APK. It has all you want.

How do Auto Battles Online begin?

You will be able to create your own character in the game. There are many customization options available for your character. The customization options for your character include hairstyle, eyes and mouth shape. You can also customize helmets, armor and weapons. It’s a really attractive process.

As weapon links to classes, choosing a weapon will mean that you choose a class for your hero. If you choose a large knife, you will be oriented towards a Warrior-style. You’ll be a Mage if a spell is chosen. If you choose a Katana, you will become a Samurai.

Auto-Battles-Online-APKAuto Battles Online APK – Gameplay Screenshot

However, the chibi shape of the character after creating is different from the list of Avatars the game lets you choose after naming… They seem to have nothing to do with each other. It’s like comparing a Facebook picture to a real person. It doesn’t matter what it is, the important thing is whether you find it exciting to play.

Auto Battles Online Different game modes

You can choose from 3 game modes: Arena or Dungeon.

Dungeon mode lets you battle against AI. Your task is to guide a group of five people to defeat all enemies in each darkdungeon. Simply press the button, or not, and your character will attack. Your leveling up will increase the more you attack. You can hang the game up if you have no time. It will automatically run, search materials, and rank your character.

Battles in Dungeon should be played hard. This will allow you to quickly increase your level. You can play other online modes until you reach the maximum level or you feel that it is sufficient. Don’t be foolish to fight with other players right away because they are all level of one hundred and above. If you start playing with them too soon, you’ll die quickly with your low level.

Arena and Conquest are the other modes. To play these modes, you must climb up to the top rank in the Dungeon.

There are many things that can be upgraded in the game

Auto Battles Online APK offers many upgrades that are similar to other RPG titles. This is the first section that focuses on the armor, weapons and spells of the protagonist as well as their NPC friends.

You can unlock new weapons and special abilities by playing more. There are even deadly weapons such as the one-hand Hellsword or the Crystal Longsword… These items can be shared and selected according to each person’s fighting ability.


The game also includes armor as a useful self-defense tool. You will have to make decisions at various points about when to upgrade weapons and when you should improve armor. There are many types of armor available in the game, each with its own functions and damage reduction abilities. There are unique armors such as the legendary Forest Guardian’s Suit, Samurai iron armor, etc.

Then there’s the upgrade for the character. You can summon more battle points to increase your leveling. Each companion has its own strengths and weaknesses. Combining the strengths and weaknesses from each companion will give you an edge in the battle. You can, for example, put melee warriors in front to increase damage and fight, and archers or mages in the back to minimize damage and long-range attacks.

It is up to you to decide which people or objects to upgrade or which parts or equipment to replace. Victory will be achieved only if you make intelligent, timely, and reasonable decisions.

Auto Battles Online Graphics and sound

Chibi design is used throughout Auto Battles Online APK. No matter what type of cool armor you choose, scarred eyebrows or crazy hairstyle, your character will still have a small head and be Chibi-style. Even the monsters like dry white skeletons in the dungeon can’t cause fear. You will never be bored with the extensive customization available. You can also play in groups of 5 so the excitement will be a thousand times greater.

It is also impressive to see the effects of lighting, fire and shooting. It is possible to see the battle lighting up the area whenever you attack (especially in the Dungeon scenes). The accompanying sound is very attractive and quite reasonable. I’m sure it will please you.

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Main Features

  • Build and upgrade your team of heroes, pit them against other teams in online multiplayer
  • No frustrating tapping or joystick controls, place your heroes on the battlefield and let them do the work autochess-style
  • Beat other teams to level up your team and improve their abilities
  • Join the very active and wholesome community of other players
  • Free-to-play friendly, all players can obtain the best gear with earned in-game gold
  • Fight to be the best – build an unbeatable team and climb to the top of the player rankings
  • Upgrade your team’s armor, weapons and magic to get even more powerful
  • Train your team against waves of enemies in the dungeon
  • Join guilds and play alongside friends
  • Do quests to level up and get sweet new gear (coming soon)
  • Make your team train and get stronger while you’re idle or afk (coming soon)

Use Tactics & Strategy To Win

Start with one auto-fighter and build your own. Choose features like hair, eyes, clothes, and helmet – these are your heroes and you can upgrade them as you see fit.

Once you have your battling hero ready, get them in the fray and begin your autobattler quest. The fight sequences are fun and exciting – sit back and watch as your hero demolishes the enemy and increases their own strength and prowess.

As you progress, assemble a winning team with melee fighters, archers, & magic casters to accompany your original idle pvp starter hero. Each unit has strengths, weaknesses and counters. To absorb damage, use melee fighters at the front. Archers and mages are at the back to deal damage.

Real Online PVP Areas

Take on other players online in teamfights. Your team will be stronger if you win more! Be the best and rise to the top of leaderboards.

This tactical title’s auto pvp battles will appeal to those who enjoy online multiplayer competitive games. Nothing is more satisfying than watching your Autobattle heroes defeat your multiplayer opponents using a combination magic, archery and brute force.

Upgrade Your Team

To level up your team and unlock more gear, win battles. As your squad grows in strength, you can fight stronger teams.

Auto Battles Online is home to a wide variety of legendary and epic items. Your team can be equipped with deadly weapons, such as the one handed Hellsword and the Crystal Longsword. Their protection can be improved with unique armour like the Mythical Forestkeeper vestment.

Weapons, and armour have different tiers – as you progress you will gain access to higher tiers of equipment which can boost the power of your idle battle team further.

The choice is yours – you can upgrade your team as you see fit, to suit your own styles!

Build A Landmark

Build an empire by conquering different islands. To raid islands held by other guilds, team up with your guild!

Idle Training

Have no time to play? While you’re gone, let your team train in the background. When you come back, they’ll be even stronger and more ready to fight

Download Auto Battles Online | Idle PVP (Early Access) APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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