Publisher BEKKO GAMES,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 1.0.37
Size 799MB
MOD Features No Ads
Requirements Android 4.4++
Updated On July 26, 2022
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Dragon Tamer Introduction

Have you always wanted to have dragons as pets? In Dragon Tamer Mod APK (No Ads), you can collect as many dragons and train them. Then, you can partake in battles today.


Dragons are mythical creatures that are large and legendary in size and strength. Today, there are many movies, shows and games that showcase these creatures in many scenarios. They are just incredible animals that wield immense strength and incredible flying ability that allows them to go just about anywhere. With that, you can enjoy Dragon Tamer Mod APK which is a strategy game filled with many dragons. Here, you can hatch many dragons that you can use to fight enemies.


There are many dragon tamers around the world today and you can create your own paradise island today brimming with life. Here, you can complete many quests today so you can claim your rewards. There are over a hundred unique dragons here with unique abilities, rarities and elements that you can enjoy. Then, you can also challenge many others to battles and participate in alliance events as well as chat with others. Dragon Tamer Mod APK is similar to Pokémon but with dragons!

Create a Dragon Paradise

If you find dragons fascinating, then you’re part of a huge group of people worldwide with the same attitudes. Dragons are part of folklore in many countries today and they’ve become the subject of many shows, movies and games. We paint dragons as majestic creatures with wings and that they look similar to Komodo Dragons. They are one of the most popular mythical creatures and they breath fire that can wreak havoc to a city instantly. If you enjoy these creatures, then play Dragon Tamer now and create a dragon paradise.

Here, you will need to create a dragon paradise where you can hatch many types of dragons today. There are over 100 different dragons you can collect and each of them has unique rarity and elements. The dragons here can also be upgraded and trained to become more powerful as they face many battles. Create the best dragon army and paradise you can today as you expand your territory and decorate it yourself.

Dragon-Tamer-Mod-APK2Dragon Tamer Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot

You can also challenge others into a turn-based fight that lets you see how strong your dragons are. Then, you can also do quests to get rewards.

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Main Features

  • Build, expand, and decorate your Dragon Island paradise.
  • Side with your Dragon in new events and daily quests.
  • Over 100+ Dragons to Collect.
  • Breed new species, train your dragons, and unlock new abilities.
  • Lead your unique lineup of dragons to victory.
  • Challenge Dragon Tamers from around the world, participate in Alliance events, battle in the Arenas, and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Dragon Tamer Reviews

Zaul Patrick: I really enjoyed the game and I’ve played for almost 3 weeks now. It is not a pay-to-win game which makes it perfect and allows player to grind with various events while enjoying the progress. Game wise; it is very user friendly and the devs are really putting an effort to get bugs fixed as fast as possible ( will even compensate ). Watching ads is not a problem because most of them are short. ( It is actually very helpful so utilize it ). It is a fun and engaging game. Kudos! – Bush Cat Dragon

Mast3r gAchaGam3r: LOVE the game so much! It’s a big time skipper,but I do have a little problem,it’s really easy to get attacked,and I don’t like this because,I keep losing my platinum rank so easy! please do something about this and also,I have a suggestion to make. Maybe could there be an update where you can put more then one builder on a building because that would make the game a lot funner and less waiting.

Nyx Valiant: It’s an awesome game. Very well balanced, and there’s no need to every spend money to get a high ranking team or to progress. The only reason I haven’t rated 5 stars is because of the inability to re-challenge levels you’ve previously beaten. You eventually get to a point where you have to just stop progressing in the level/world map until your dragons are more powerful. It can take a while. If you could re-challenge levels, you could get those rewards again to power up.

Download Dragon Tamer APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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