Publisher Direlight,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.2.1
Size 677MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked, God Mode
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On November 19, 2021
Get It On Google Play

Grimvalor MOD APK (Unlocked), is an action RPG action video game by Direlight. The unique storyline of the game has earned it much success. However, it is currently only available on iOS. The good news is that the game has been officially released for Android on Google Play.

Grimvalor Introduction

The game will take you on an adventure in search of the missing King of the forgotten Vallaris country. You are lost in the cold and dark dungeons that Vallaris has long forgotten. Then you discover that a terrifying darkness army is attacking you. You are forced to fight back, rescue Vallaris and find the ancient power. Do you have the strength to conquer it?


The storyline

Grimvalor is set in the ancient Vallaris country. It takes you to a place that has no shadow. It will shock you to learn that a vast kingdom, which no one controls, has mysteriously vanished. You will be even more shocked to discover that there is a dark power involved in stirring this forgotten country. You are soon thrown into dark dungeons by an army demons as you attempt to unravel these mysteries. These were King Valor’s guards, who carried the evil power which destroyed Vallaris’ life.

You have a noble mission: to find the fate for the missing king and to restore the kingdom. There is no other way. To do this, you will need to hold the sword steady and fight to defeat the enemy. A bright future awaits you with your willpower and tenacious fighting spirit.

A dangerous adventure

Grimvalor starts you off wandering and exploring ancient ruins, dungeons and other places. This isn’t an adventure. It’s a hilarious exploration. Monsters are all around you. Only one sword is your ally. You must fight to defeat all enemies.


Grimvalor has a fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash gameplay and nice combination of actions. The controls are simple with buttons to jump and dodge as well as special skills. You can quickly adjust how you play the game and make unique combinations. If you want to survive, it is essential that you are strong. These hidden dangers can be a mystery.

Fight alone

Fighting in Grimvalor, you will know what it means “fight alone”. You must be alone in this adventure in the land of death. These monsters are not only numerous, but also very aggressive and reckless. You must show them that it is wrong to look down at you.

Superior skills and iron might will allow you to sweep through any dungeon crammed with enemies. Learn everything you can about all your enemies, and then destroy them with your fury when they are not being respected. With the wonderful skills you have learned, let the demons know the price of subjectivity. You can also use your special skills to quickly take down many enemies.

Enhance your character


After each battle with the enemy, you can collect useful equipment and improve your character’s skills. You may not be aware of it, but the merchant is always there to help you through your battles. That’s where you strengthen your weapons and upgrade your power. This includes buying new weapons or increasing your basic stats.

Of course, your enemies are stronger every day. These are no longer small, weak enemies. Instead, they have become powerful and powerful bosses. These are great obstacles that you must overcome to expel the king from Vallaris and bring about peace in this country. These obstacles will only make your victory more sweet and more memorable if your strength is completely restored. You become a hero for saving the people of Vallaris. It was a great achievement!


Grimvalor is a 3D game that combines stunning graphics and eye-catching visual effects with a realistic sound. It takes you on an epic journey through a variety of thrilling battles. All of the games offer a unique experience, with a variety of settings and well-designed monsters.

Main Features

  • Supports Android Game Controllers
  • Reliable and customisable touch controls
  • Epic boss fights
  • 3D Visuals for Android.
  • Play Saved Games is a great way to keep your saves in sync across devices
  • Play offline – great for your commute

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Grimvalor Reviews

Justin ZoellerYou can play the whole game. I can confidently state that WELL is well worth the price of the complete game. The game elements blend Dark Souls with Bayonetta. Fast-paced fights require quick reflexes. They are well-designed. It is difficult to find the same feeling in different areas, especially considering how large they are…

Rhiannon R:It has a strange charm! It’s great! I don’t often play games on my smartphone. Every game I have encountered has a strict system. It can cause you to lose your interest if it doesn’t cost you money. Either it does, or it keeps a fantastic system with terrible graphics…

Barkon HenryThe best action game in the App Store. This game is worth the Play Pass. The graphics are great without dropping frames and it doesn’t work well on tablets. It’s almost like playing an “A” video game on the PS3. This game is recommended if you like God of War games. It’s a great game!

Gerardo Z: Snake action game. The story of dark souls is heavily inspired (including some bosses who were ridiculously successful but not enough). Good combat is achieved by simple, but effective controls. Excellent loading time. It’s a challenging challenge but not too difficult. This is a great game to join… 

Daniel Johnson: Great games in general. Diabloesque side scrolling game .. For a phone game, the controls are quite good. It would be much easier to remove it. Parts are more difficult with real controllers. It felt like they were thinking and only using it for the bonus content… 

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