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Latest Version 0.3.2
Size 206 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On March 31, 2024
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Horror Hunt: Until Daylight Introduction

Horror Hunt: Until Daylight MOD APK – This online game has horror elements. Take part in a battle between monster and hunter. This is the right place for you if you are looking for the most bloody and thrilling hunt.


Sometime in the future, life on this planet was slowly destroyed by bloodthirsty, strange creatures. Humanity stands before the horror of destruction by the Realm of a Nightmare, an enemy from another reality. A nightmare, from faraway, has opened the portal to space and sent minions to conquer the earth. Your mission is bringing peace to the globe and fighting the conspiracy of cold-blooded dictators. Survive with the monsters until they are destroyed.



OneTonGames’ online survival game that combines horror with action elements. It is inspired by Identity V and Dead by Daylight. 4 hunters must battle 1 terrifying monster. You have the option to choose between a monster and one of the four hunters.

Each character is unique and has its own skills and weapon. The interface can be completely customized to suit your characters. They are completely different characters and have their own goals. These characters can all be controlled by other players online, so they can strategize and think in matches.


Each hunter monster or character has its own unique skills and abilities. All have the same control system. It’s not difficult for players control their abilities. Your own style of play is important in battles. Hunting totems is the main objective of hunters. These totems give the monsters immortality and undying power. To bring down humanity’s nightmares, the monsters must destroy all hunters.

Horror Hunt: Until Daylight MOD APK lets you set your own rules. Fight sneaky or face off against the enemy. Either die in the dark, or wait for dawn to come. You can choose to die in the dark or wait for dawn.


Horror Hunt: Until Daylight MOD APK’s characters contrast in every match. Therefore, each person’s battle goals are different and you can alternate between the two extremes, good and evil. These hunter characters are the heroes, and they represent peace and protection of Earth. They will likely be more popular. But, humanity is smaller and weaker than the alien enemies. Hunters should come together to defeat monsters. The hunters are weaker but can still fulfill their noble mission with a spirit and a sharp mind.

Playing as a monster, representing the game’s villain class. This is a wonderful way to help Horror Hunt: Up to Daylight be more attractive and unique. Despite being villains, their strength and power is remarkable. He can easily kill 4 men if they are reckless. He has a plot to spread fear and destruction to the Earth.

Horror-Hunt-Until-Daylight-MOD-APK2Horror Hunt: Until Daylight MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot


Horror Hunt: Until Daylight is known for its 3D graphics. The horror factor in Horror Hunt: Until Daylight is particularly appealing because of the dark and desolate battlefields and the hideous, barbaric creatures.

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Main Features

Horror Hunt is a cooperative horror-game where five players, 4 hunters and a monster, attempt to kill one another. The totems that provide strength or power to the monsters must be destroyed by the hunters. A monster must kill all hunters in order to bring the Nightmare down to Earth in Hell’s fight. Every monster and hunter has their own special abilities. Use a talent you enjoy the most to change your ability. Your own rules! Rush ahead or hide and deceive, bring down the house or make everyone crazy. In Horror Hunt you’d be alive or dead by daylight.

Horror Hunt: Until Daylight Reviews

Isadore Inca: This glitch needs to be fixed. (1)on the perks, the hunters skill has no cooldown. If your using Ritta Morgan, the monster can one-shot people. With the butcher’s skills that’s how to kill this glitch. The perk is called CONCENTRATION and everything you do has 0 cooldown.(2) Please make bots more powerful bots. You can go to the cage and free yourself, but it engorges your monster so that bots can hide.

Mamir: Although the game is full of potential, it is not balanced. It is difficult to play the survivor because the killer/monster can find you quickly. Also, the inability to sprint makes it harder. The game is also boring. I suggest adding rank system to make it more enjoyable.?

Moaaz Hassan: I don’t like monsters that are faster than me. Please bring back the talents. Also, please allow a shop for stuff like perks, talents, and bonus stuff you get from killing monsters.

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