Publisher 505 Games Srl,
Category 3D Game, Offline, Puzzle,
Latest Version 1.10
Size 39MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On February 24, 2023
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Human: Fall Flat Introduction

Human: Fall Flat APK (Unlimited Money, Paid For Free) by 505 Games is a fun puzzle game. It is a popular game for PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Now it has been officially released for Android.

The game first appeared in 2016 and quickly became popular, especially with Youtubers like Pewdiepie. The goal of this game is to control Bob to get from A to B. While it may sound simple, it will be difficult from the beginning.

Human Fall Flat Mod Apk - Gameplay ScreenshotHuman Fall Flat APK – Gameplay Screenshot

You can solve puzzles in a messy way

Human: Fall Flat APK is, in essence, a puzzle-based game that also has very interesting physical rules. Your mission is to guide Bob from his starting position to the secret portal, without enemies or frightening monsters. This game offers a new way to approach the problem. This game does not include complex puzzles or mysterious stories. It requires that you solve simple problems in a slow and cute manner.

While the protagonist appears human, his movements are unsteady and unnatural. You will find the movement awkward and hilarious, so you must learn how to move.

This game has no rules or guidelines, so you can do what you want. The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the secret gate and open up new routes. The hands of the characters in this game are similar to Spiderman’s, so they can stick to many things. It can be used to lift or climb up objects.

A hilarious platformer for physics puzzles

Each map has a theme. It is broken down into smaller areas that focus on specific topics. The game’s objects are messy and have no purpose. Learn how to use the objects to win.

Although your main goal is to get from A to B, there are many other interesting things that await you as you move. Sometimes you may find yourself locked up in a room with a wooden crate. You can use it to break through doors and to climb up walls. It’s interesting to note that puzzles can be solved in many different ways. They don’t have to follow a specific pattern. There are many ways to solve a puzzle, depending on how creative the player is.

Co-op mode for 4 players

It’s fun to play alone, but it’s even more fun to play with your friends. You can play up to four people in a match. You can also play in co-op mode with your friends to solve puzzles from Human: Fall Flat. Sometimes puzzles are better suited for several people than one. You will find many solutions to problems that you didn’t know existed. It doesn’t matter if I succeed or fail; this weekend is all about having fun with my friends.

You can customize characters

Human: Fall Flat allows you to make a variety of appearances for your character. This could be cartoon characters or superheroes, or other fun shapes. Bob could be made into Santa Clause, Bob 10, or a pirate.

While there are lots of fun costumes available, not many players seem to be excited about this feature. Costumes add excitement to the game, but do not change gameplay or offer special skills.

3D abstract graphics

Human: Fall Flat 3D graphics are simple and abstract. It is almost like a game in progress. The physical rules of the game are amazing and something you’ve never seen before. “The world can be virtual, but the laws of physics are real.” That’s what the game introduces.

The interface is also very simple including a joystick and two virtual keys to help you control the characters’ hands. Bob can move like a child, or as a drunken person. Sometimes you have to keep clinging to the wall and it’s hard to keep him standing. It can be frustrating and sometimes even hilarious.

Game Features

  • Parkour is a graceful and fluid art. You can walk, jump, grab, climb, and carry anything. Your first challenge will be mastering these moves.
  • Solve Mind-bending Puzzles. Explore 10 open-ended levels filled with challenging puzzles and funny distractions. Explore new routes and uncover all the secrets!
  • Play with friends, family, or total strangers. You can work together to accomplish any task, or you can spend hours playing pranks on each other in the most bizarre ways. You can play up to four people for some crazy mayhem.
  • Personalize your character. You can dress your human in many silly outfits. Be a dog, ninja, princess… whatever! There are endless combinations!

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Human: Fall Flat Reviews

Evan Cooper: It takes some time to master the controls. The game is a lot of fun to play and learn. Although it seems easy at first, there is so much to do. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more mobile levels.

Rudy Kathrens: It’s a lot of fun. Although the puzzles aren’t too difficult cognitively, they do require you to think and work. There are so many cheats to win, which I love. There are many ways to win. While the controls are hard, overall I feel these guys are well worth every dollar they cost. I’m hoping there will be more!

Arthur Hickman: Although I love the game, I find it tedious after completing a few levels. I then end up giving up and coming back to the game later. However, every time I save it doesn’t work again. Every time I try to save, it doesn’t. This problem can be fixed if the Devs continue to work on it. Apart from that, I love Human: Fall Flat APK. I also think it has great game mechanics.

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