Publisher Ohayoo,
Category Card,
Latest Version 0.16.3
Size 130MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.1+
Updated On February 1, 2024
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Journey Of Abyss Introduction

Journey Of Abyss APK features roguelike gameplay. How far can you travel on a dangerous adventure?

What is Journey Of Abyss, exactly?

Roguelikes are not a new concept for gamers. Roguelike games are a different genre. The character dies after being defeated. Every stage is different after each reset. Gamers can’t just follow the path to victory if they don’t want to. Journey Of Abyss can be described as such.

Journey Of Abyss, a role-playing game with a unique storyline, is interesting. It was inspired from Howard Lovecraft’s fascinating works and built in a comic-style style.


Journey Of Abyss will offer you an exciting new environment. This colorful world allows you to explore, join the main character on a bizarre adventure, and fight for the truths.

The single-player mode is the focus of the game. The story revolves around the main character. It eliminates all the sidelines and focuses on fighting and exploration. Journey of Abyss promises a magical experience.

PvP mode

Journey Of Abyss basically brings the classic role-playing game to life with simple gameplay. You can follow the storyline, or you can play random levels.

For each action, you can use one of four types of cards: attack, defense, or skill. Journey Of Abyss offers many challenges to be conquered.

You can test your level by participating in PvP encounters. It unites the most powerful warriors around the globe. Take part in fierce combat to climb up the leaderboard.

This mode requires you to master your skills and be a good strategist. You have the chance to win rare cards if you defeat a powerful opponent.

Explore the fantasy realm

Journey Of Abyss offers a wide range of activities, including the ability to explore and discover hidden treasures.

I have faced bosses and dangerous monsters as I have walked through caves, forests, and dungeons. These elements are inevitable, but I always find something valuable when I visit a new place. You can have a mix of cards and knowledge about how to organize and build tactics of monsters. It could also be stories, new friends, and new skills.

The world of Journey Of Abyss is full of interesting things, but it also has many dangers. Although you may not be able to predict what lies ahead, the journey will provide you with more knowledge and skills.


Journey Of Abyss keeps you updated on the latest events every Monday. To accumulate points, all players can join. You can earn valuable rewards by participating in many missions and fighting.

Journey-Of-Abyss-APK2Journey Of Abyss APK – Gameplay Screenshot


Journey Of Abyss features 2D comic-style graphics. While this style is not new, it does not mean that the battle in the game lacks charisma.

You will have an amazing experience with delicate strokes, unique lighting effects and excellent motion processing.

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Main Features

Story Mode

You can explore the world by following the main character on an adventure, trying to uncover the secrets of the world.

Abyssal Mode

You can battle your way through randomly generated levels or monster encounters in this game mode. You can choose from multiple difficulty levels to make it a real challenge.

Weekly Challenges

Each Monday, the format changes and presents a new challenge to players. You can earn points for completing the task successfully. The week ends with prizes for the top scorers.

Tower of Souls

It’s a pure PvP zone. You won’t have access to your talent tree or any outside buffs, just you and a deck devised to defeat the competition. You can challenge yourself to improve.

Journey Of Abyss reviews

Роман Шилов: Although I have only played it a bit, I can already tell that this game is fun and very entertaining. There are two things I found annoying so far. The most irritating feature so far. While I am not charged for mobile data during pandemic, I cannot play the game on a bus to work. I am constantly asked to log in via facebook, even though I have already signed up through facebook many times. This state is not stored in the game.

Hanna Bakker: This is a great game, with both story and strategy elements that will draw you in. Apps like these are great. Paying a little extra helps you avoid the constant barrage of ads or pay to win. Although the Facebook login issue is irritating, you can still play without an account. But, I agree with the idea of having more account options over the long-term.

Jenny Nutter: Amazing game! It is difficult but easy to learn. It’s a fun story with amazing art! I find myself constantly logging in to play a quick game, and cannot stop myself from playing. I hope you keep updating (there are already three game modes, but more tips and tricks would be great). Favourite game right now

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