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Requirements 6.0+
Updated On November 23, 2023
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Nightmare Gate Introduction

The plot of Nightmare Gate revolves around the boy Will. Like every day, after being hugged, kissed, and caressed by his mother, the boy alone on the bed was staring at the yellow nightlight and the vague images in the room to slowly fall asleep. Suddenly a strange voice said, “Will, Will, Will, Will, come play with us, there’s a lot of good stuff here”. Curiously, Will followed where the strange voice came from. And he discovered behind his wardrobe was a secret door. At this time, his mother said, “Sleep, Will”. Will startled, opened his eyes, and found himself still lying on the bed… Phew, it turned out to be just a nightmare.

Nightmare Gate MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot 

Nightmare Gate: Catching Will’s eyes was the sight of hundreds of cages scattered everywhere. In each cage was a baby, like Will, like Nancy. A child whispered to him, “Go very softly so that he cannot hear. And hide behind these cages, so it won’t see you.” From this moment, Will officially entered the Hell of Dreams. Only by finding the secret to close this nightmare door can he save himself, his sister, and hundreds of children here. And you, like Will, are you ready to fight the devil of dreams?

Playing this game, you don’t have to think too much because Will himself is just a child. Almost every hint in the game has specific instructions. You just need to follow and let the game lead the way. All actions of the character are displayed on the screen. On the left is navigation, on the right is skills, and how to move (stand up, sit down)… You can just follow them.

Main Features

  • Complete different arena as maze or horror laberynth through different scary levels.
  • The first levels are more easy and you can upgrade your character and complete more Arena´s and avoid evil enemies with awesome skills like invisible mode or activating your radar.
  • With your battle pass you can save your progress and get more coins to progress in story mode.
  • Enjoy the latest horror game from IndieFist and writte your suggestion and comments, we will be glad to introduce more features.

Nightmare Gate Reviews

Cora HM: High likability! I enjoy the originality of the game. Controls are comfortable, graphics are good. Appreciated the checkpoints for saving and the interesting ways to hide/explore. While not terrifying or scary, the concept is still eerie. I like and favour the new “Battle” update too. Definitely looking forward to the next installment(s)! Hoping for a lot more. Altogether, a recommended game to try.

Marwan.Ali96: The game is really awesome, some people are saying the game is crashing so they can lower the quality of the game so it can be smooth and I like the battle pass feature for getting skins, coins and other things. Can’t wait for the final chapter for the game. Keep up the good work!

The Michael Brooks and Puppet show: This game is honestly an amazing game. The story is really good and the best part about it is that there’s battle mode! I’ve got some ideas for future updates for the game. 1. Add an option to change the main menu music to the old music or the new main menu music. 2. Add nightmare mode, you can’t hind, enemies run super fast, they hear everything. 3. Add Some more voice acting. 4. Add an option that says add more puzzles, you will have to do more puzzles in story. That’s it. Good job on the game

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