Publisher Ariel-Games,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 0.0062
Size 84MB
MOD Features Worker Speed, God Mode
Requirements 4.4+
Updated On November 15, 2023
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Pocket Bees Colony Simulator Introduction

Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator is a game that simulates the formation, construction, organization, growth, and expansion of a beehive. You will experience all the necessary activities to build a modest hive at first, then expand the number of bees and resources to expand the territory.

Pocket Bees Colony Simulator MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The whole process will reflect the specific way of working, gathering resources, food, and organizing assignments in a hive. From there, you understand why bees are always of interest to scientists, sociologists, and there is always a lot of knowledge worth learning to be extracted from bees for humanity.

You start gamewith a small beehive. You coordinate the bees in the hive to perform different tasks. The queen bee is responsible for reproduction, the worker bee is responsible for sucking nectar as a resource and food for all the bees in the hive, the guard bees are brave warriors that protect their nests from any attack by other animals.

Gathering resources for the hive is important because it helps the bees in the hive to have enough food to work. Worker bees must select quality flowers, suck up enough honey and do this automatically every day.

As the hive grows larger, the risk of attack also increases. The guard bees will fight to protect the hive from attack by reptiles, encroachment by humans, other animals, or any element that comes close to the hive.

Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator is also an online game where you can fight other players for resources, items and fight to protect your hive.

Main Features :

  •  Forage resources and bring them back to your nest.
  •  Improve your nest chambers for extra bonuses.
  •  Breed worker and guard bees.
  •  Capture other creatures and make them join your army.
  • Collect all the creatures and make them stronger.
  • Fight other players real time for resources and bonus items.

Reviews Game :

Teodor Serbanescu: I really like the game, nice pace. The only downside is the propolis, way too hard to get it. I do not mind watching videos to get an extra attack token but everybody is basically way too powerful so I basically have to grind for a couple of weeks to get to their level in order to have a chance at upgrading further.

Ravynシ: This has alot of potential. The joystick is broken. I’ll activate it and freeze then crash. Second, the timers need decreased. Nectar shouldn’t take 60+ seconds to harvest. 30 seconds max, 15 seconds minimum. Third, you should be able to have a button to fly/land. Fourth, you should fly in the hive.

Samuel Oakley: Great game. It does challenge you. People giving low stars didn’t read the tutorial. It wants you to use the water/resin to stun the enemy guarding the pollen. Took several attempts but was able to progress. I cant however work out how to get or farm wax and no support available to do so.

Download Pocket Bees Colony Simulator APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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