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Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On August 12, 2022
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Rise of Cultures Introduction

Do you want to enjoy ancient civilization? Rise of Cultures APK allows you to build a society set in the past! Experience primitive living today and create many things.


We’re currently living in an advanced world full of unique technologies. We’re so used to smartphones and the internet now that we sometimes take them for granted. But if you didn’t know, people back then had to work hard to build things as life was simpler then.

If you want to take a trip to the past, download Rise of Cultures and build a new civilization today! Experience what it’s like to live in the past and create your history.

In Rise of Cultures APK, you’ll be able to build your cities to erect many structures needed. You can then establish homes, research buildings, farms, and many more.

You can also research for new technologies to make everything easier and enjoy different periods in history! You’ll be able to enjoy the entire history of humankind here as you’re able to upgrade and innovate. Trade goods with others and enjoy incredible fights today! Have fun now today.

Live in History

Rise-of-Cultures-APKRise of Cultures APK – Gameplay Screenshot

There have been so many events and people that have lived in our history. We’re learning all about them today in schools and books all over the world. So many things have transpired throughout our history, and we can all learn about them today.

But if you’re looking for the ultimate game about history today, you can enjoy Rise of Cultures right now. This game lets you create civilizations today in the past! You can enjoy a unique PvE game where you can fight against enemies.

In Rise of Cultures APK, you’re able to go and create entire civilizations today. There are many things to erect here, such as farms, homes, research areas, and many more. You can also research new technologies like Firemaker, Spear Fighting, Cave Paintings, Goat Pens, and many more.

You can have fun with so many civilizations that you can unlock today where you can rewrite history and you can also explore new territories and expand your culture today!

Enjoy fighting through other troops using your own and upgrade them as needed. Have fun with so many goods to trade here!

Main Features

  • Expand your empire: BUILD multiple cities with different civilizations!
  • Unlock different CULTURES and write your own history!
  • RESEARCH new technologies! Science is key to progress faster.
  • EXPLORE new territories! Travel through the world map and expand your lands.
  • FIGHT strategic PvE battles. Research the newest war technologies and train your troops to spread your influence faster!
  • TRADE goods with your neighbors. Have some bronze on your hands while your neighbor is producing wool? Enrich your empire by building strong trade relationships!

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Download Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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