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Latest Version 3.6.0
Size 722MB
MOD Features God Mode, High Damage
Requirements 4.4+
Updated On October 24, 2022
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SAO Unleash Blading Introduction

SAO Unleash Blading is a Turn-based Strategy game recently launched by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. As you know, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is a famous developer of anime titles not only on PC but also on Android, iOS, Console.

SAO Unleash Blading  MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Kirito and Asuna after leaving the Dicey Cafe encountered Johnny Black – a member of the Laughing Coffin guild. While fighting to protect Asuna, Kirito was injected with a paralysis drug by Johnny, leading to a coma and had to be treated by connecting to the virtual world STL. Here Kirito and Eugeo became knights together to set out to save their childhood friend Alice who was taken away for violating the taboo rules. But at the same time, Kirito also wanted to save the artificial intelligence in STL from doom.

In addition, you have to build your own squad before starting to fight. A team consists of the main team and sub-team. The main team consists of 4 positions and the sub-team only have 2 positions. Each character has unique skills and abilities, make sure that you thoroughly research the ability to take advantage and give the best squad.

Game has a plus point that contributes greatly to the success of this game. The game not only focuses on the characters that appear in part 3 such as Alice and Eugeo. The characters are extremely diverse, even the characters of part 1 such as Yuuki, Leafa. This helps you build your squad with your favorite characters.

As you know, in Season 3, in the Underworld the characters can use elemental attacks. You can call them with the command: “System call”. Sounds cool, right? But in SAO Unleash Blading, your skills already contain an element. Master that skill to make a reasonable choice in combat.

Main Features

  • Explore the expansive story of the classic magical world.
  • Different characters and magic skills.
  • Not just action.
  • High quality 3D graphics.

SAO Unleash Blading Reviews:

Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern: I really, really love this game after playing it for about 2 weeks and I really do want to give it a 5 star but I can’t and it have to do with a bug where whenever I use a ticket for a quest or any type of mission it would kick me out of the game making me to reload the game again and again every single time I try using the ticket. But overall all a very great game. Just the ticket bug need to be fix?.

zaiyen _blank: I really enjoy the game the missions are great the menu is easy to read if you follow the tutorial and it is all great. The only problem is the battle menu. It is very cluttered but it is like that so people can understand everything. I feel like it can improve but on a much smaller scale then I describe.

KingChris009: It’s pretty good actually. The graphics…..are just amazing. Very dynamic for a 2d game. The battle system is fun and the music. Is great too. It’s a double gacha system-characters and weapons- but it’s fine, just keep at it like usual and you’ll get some great characters. Keep up the great work guys, the work you put in definitely shows!

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