Publisher Skytec Games,
Category Horror,
Latest Version 1.111
Size 160MB
MOD Features God Mode, Dumb Enemies
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On October 26, 2023
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Scary Mansion Introduction

Scary Mansion MOD APK is a game that will make your heart swell just by thinking about. This game will make it feel like Jason or Friday 13th. Play a scary survival horror game to feel the slasher atmosphere.



Freddy, Freddy, is now Dr. Jason Crow’s latest victim. A genius, but wicked, man, Crow has made Freddy his new victim. You will play the role of this poor man and will feel extreme stress and fear. Freddy will have to overcome his terrible obsession on his own. Freddy must crawl into corners to solve puzzles in order to escape his brutal home filled with cruelty and violence.

There are no complicated plots or long descriptions. Scary Mansion immediately places you in a panic and despair.

This is also the setting for the films about Jason (and Friday), serial killers who torture their victims. It’s also the feeling that fills your mind while playing Scary Mansion.


It’s not wrong to call Scary Mansion a crazy horror game. Instantly, you’re dragged into the dark and gritty mansion. You are locked in a room when you wake up. There is no escape. It can be difficult to decide what to do next. You are given instructions to open the doors, search all corners of the mansion, and locate the key to unlock the door. The opportunity only comes once, so be very careful, don’t let the killer find out if you don’t want to die miserably.

Scary-Mansion-MOD-APK3Screenshot from Scary Mansion MOD APK – gameplay

Scary Mansion MOD APK has many levels. Every level starts the same: The mailman rings the bell and is taken into the house. Freddy manages to find the key and escape from the awful house. Dr. Crow was left behind, screaming madly. Each level is different. Puzzles and other placements of items will be encountered, including indoor furniture. To experience a new world, you will need to start again and wipe out all of your past. Every floor opens up to a new level in the mansion. This makes the chase even more terrifying.

Feelings of panic and fear.

Fear will set in as you fear the constant threat of being stalked by a dangerous killer. At each level, you can choose an item to carry, be it a flashlight, a compass, a knife… But you can only take one. Dr. Crow can use his different abilities to scour your body, and even threaten your life. If you choose a difficult difficulty level, the instructions will be more confusing. Play slowly, if it’s too difficult from the beginning, you will be overwhelmed.

The challenge for the player is to keep his mind open even in extreme fear. You must listen to or locate all clues in order to reach your goal. Fear can make it difficult to think clearly and cause problems in your daily tasks. That’s also the reason make you lose the game. These rules apply regardless of how panicky you may feel: Do not allow the evil doctor Crow to enter your home; be calm and collected when solving puzzles.

Sound and graphics


Scary Mansion has created a dark, frightening atmosphere. It is easy to be shocked by the sounds in the streets, the footsteps and the pounding of your feet, as well as the voices of guides or evil doctor Crow. Also, the background music can be very captivating. Just by hearing the music, I can conjure up terrible scenarios. Sound can be described by Scary Mansion as its soul. From this place, all of the fear and terror that was suppressed were banished.

Scary Mansion’s scene is very simple. Scary Mansion has a very simple scene. It is dark and gloomy. There are many threatening colors and ghostly hues. There are not as many hiding places as there are puppet horror games. Even though I only tried the first few levels, I felt the exact same way. It’s possible to level up, things will be different, but the scope of a “mansion” probably can’t be too large. The puzzles may become more complex and ingenious as time goes by.

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Main Features

Scary Mansion is a scary game that will make you scream!

  • Unlucky postman is the subject of this terrifying tale. A thrilling slasher plot.
  • Chilled atmosphere
  • Disgusting maniac psychopath;
  • Use stealth elements to hide and seek
  • Puzzle with horror riddles
  • Optimized gameplay with high quality 3D animation
  • A dark and lonely quest in strange places

Scary Mansion Review

Potato Dan: After several months or even a year, I decided that the game should be deleted and reinstalled. The game is still quite enjoyable but it doesn’t seem to be very different. It’s still fun, but it can be expensive. If the price is lower, I may be able save some money by purchasing the no-ads option.

Yamuna Shrestha: Wow! Amazing graphics. Even with a 2GB RAM phone, the graphics work flawlessly. According to the description of haunted “mansions”, the house may be expanded. It appears more like an old house.

Noneya Bizness: It’s a great game. Excellent controls. Horrorfield, their other game, is also excellent. Highly recommended.

Agnes Villegas I love the challenging gameplay. It’s up to you to devise a strategy and implement tactics that will allow you to survive. I do not like the ads that pop up if you hide for too long. However, the rest is great.

Rachel Sophia Lyons: It’s a great game, but there are too many levels and not enough puzzles. Keep them coming. Have fun.

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