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Requirements Android+
Updated On October 23, 2023
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Siege of Dragonspear Introduction

Siege of Dragonspear MOD APK can be used as a role-playing game. With each update, the graphics and performance of Siege of Dragonspear APK have been greatly improved. It makes my heart happy and I believe you will too.



Siege of Dragonspear APK begins with the Forgotten Realms event at Baldur’s Gate City. The main character is a warrior Caelar Argent – who leads the Flaming Fist army to fight Sarevok. To attack the castle Dragonspear, he is trying to unite with other forces.

Caelar argent, during the great conquer is led to his death by mysterious men. He helps you to fight the evil alliance and teaches you fighting skills. Please accompany Caelar Argent and help him fulfill his mission to protect Baldur’s Gate.


In general, Siege of Dragonspear’s story linearly takes place. In it, you will play as Caelar Argent, conquer locations in Baldur’s Gate and unlock new content.

Siege of Dragonspear APK has exciting content. You’ll be immersed into a series exciting missions that are constantly changing. You can interact with NPCs and chat with them, you receive more information about Baldur’s Gate and enemies to destroy.

You will see your character progress throughout the game anf you will have to be able to complete the quests and enemies at different levels. That’s when interesting things come along. You will always find something new, something to learn, develop, or face dangerous enemies.

Siege-of-Dragonspear-APK2Siege of Dragonspear Screenshot

The battles can be intense. You will encounter a large army as you attempt to enter the dungeons and other areas inhabited by monsters. To prevent you from moving into the realm, they may be fighting you constantly. You should work hard to build your character and recruit others to fight alongside you. Forgotten Realms is a long campaign, and it is not easy because the enemy’s alliance was large and had a solid foundation.

Information such as the map has been simplified in comparison to the original version. Sidequests are not possible to skip or you cannot go back at all past locations. Certain locations can’t be returned to, so make sure to read the quest list or NPCs on the map.

Accessories such as boots and other footwear

The Siege of Dragonspear APK has a variety of loot systems. You can get loot by completing quests and asking NPCs for their help.

These loots could include MP, experience, and health boosts for your characters. They may also offer equipment and resources that can be used to increase your character’s stats. Be careful with your inventory. It is important to go through your inventory and get rid off any unnecessary loot or other items. You can also dispose off unnecessary items in return for coins.



Compared to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, the game has added some new characters and a character class called Shaman. Although Siege of Dragonspear is a role-playing game, it still hides the character’s class’s tactical elements. To increase your chances of winning, optimize your tactics when dealing with difficult content.

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Main Features

  • Familiar voices: The original Baldur’s Gate voice cast returns to kick butt for goodness – along with four new additions
  • Introduce a new category: The spirit-calling shakeman
  • Restart: The Siege of Dragonspear can be enjoyed as a standalone story or with a new character.
  • One character: The entire Baldur’s Gate experience as a single character
  • Play with your friends on multi-platform multiplayer across all platforms

Siege of Dragonspear Reviews

Jacob Wilsom: Excellent game, series & stories you can ever play. These are some of the most memorable Villains. The Dragons, names & creatures are dope & everything about these games get no complaint from me. But, I’d like to see IceWind Dale II available for androids.

Nastbrute: An actual RPG D& D style, not some hack and slash that’s passing itself off as an RPG. This game is great and demands your attention. I want more!

Simon Hudson: What people think of this game is irrelevant to me. Since the release of BG1, I have never played BG2. This is my second BG1 game. It was great. You can be railroaded sometimes, but that’s not always a bad thing. You almost felt too free after BG1. Incredible story. Some big battles. You’re not the only one. It’s worth the effort. You won’t regret it. It is time to get on board with BG2 immediately.

Фома Фомич Гольцев: Some people don’t like SoD because it has railroading elements and progressive elements. Railroading happens often in the BG Saga, so this shouldn’t an issue at all, I actually like how it nicely sets up the transition to BG2, rather than the normally abrupt BG1>2. Although the progressive stuff is nice and not too intrusive, I don’t have enough space. There are many interesting quests and exciting battles to be found.

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