Publisher Lion Studios,
Category Arcade,
Latest Version 2.3.0c
Size 68MB
MOD Features Free Upgrade
Requirements 4.4+
Updated On September 29, 2023
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The Big Hit Introduction

The Big Hit is a fun casual game with a character training journey. The game comes from the publisher Lion Studios, which is famous for many simple and addictive casual games on mobile.

The Big Hit MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The way to play the games of this publisher is usually plug & play. Play immediately, and then slowly learn from experience and realize the principles of play in a short time. To get used to this game, players just needs a little time because it is as simple as children’s games.

You touch the screen left and right to navigate for your character to run on the road. If you see blue dumbbells, eat as much as you can. The more you eat, the more your right biceps will roll and grow up.

At this time on the road began to appear many obstacles, sometimes pits, sometimes sharp bricks. You must control so that your character does not hit these traps. It’s because after touching, your biceps will shrink. Until you shrink as much, return to the original state, then you will be exhausted and collapse on the road.

At the end of each level, there will often be a large obstacle such as a high wall. You will use your strong, muscular hands to smash a wall and keep going. You will see there are many pink diamonds waiting. Take advantage of eating as many diamonds as possible because they will help you get an extraordinary pair of sturdy gloves. Gloves and muscles, both will assist you to overcome the terrible threshold that awaits: a monster of great size at the end of the road.

That’s the ideal scenario, or easy to achieve in the first few scenes. Later on, more and more traps on the road, denser, many reluctant situations make your biceps always reach the finish line in a wither state, just enough to use. The monster is getting smarter every day. It can see and punch you without miss, sending you off before you can see its weak point.

With super simple graphics, the gameplay is as easy as pie, the deeper you go, the more attractive it becomes because of its rich difficulty. If you need to find a light, fun, and focused entertainment game to relieve short-term stress, The Big Hit is one of the good choices.

Main Features:

  • Simple gameplay, easy to control.
  • Swipe your fingers to collect all dumbbells and grow your arm muscles.
  • Catch boosters and run faster.
  • Pass over all blocks, push to the end.
  • Collect gems to upgrade your gloves and punching power.

Reviews Game:

Annual Videos: Lovely game but ads after every single round. Hope you improve that and please allow us to change skins too. Bye! Hope it helped!

love and fun pak azan: This game is so amazing and it have a lot of ads but there is a solution you can turn of your net than its all good game.

Adam Spivey: Its really fun but it’s weird that only one hand is strong and the other is just skinny.

tearless: Hey creaters of the game really good gamme but there is some guys who made a game by the name of muscle rush that stole your game footage for there ad and is tricking people into s Downloading there game beacuse people think it is your game.

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