Publisher Dreamplay Games,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 1.9.3
Size 105MB
MOD Features Unlimited Life, Oxygen
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On September 19, 2023
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Underworld: The Shelter Introduction

Underworld: The Shelter MOD APK gives players good experiences with many new and unique features. If you’re tired of Fallout Shelter and want to find a similar game, Underworld: The Shelter is the perfect choice for you.

Building your shelter

Underworld: The Shelter is the safest place in a nuclear emergency. We can stay there and avoid radioactivity and bombs. Your shelter will initially consist of two basements, Living Quarters and Infirmary. They serve the purpose of creating residents and healing. You will then need to create more rooms and basements in order to expand your shelter.

Your residents can be divided into three types according to where they live and what their work. Mining is responsible for digging for gold or underground resources. Mushroom Cultivation provides food for all residents. Wanderer explores the area looking for survivors.


Collect and discover resources

Underworld: The Shelter MOD APK is more like a role-playing and simulation game. You will need to explore often in order to find enough resources and gold to build and maintain your shelter. Of course, you are equipped with an Android device – the friend you are trusting in the battle with monsters.

You must control your resident to go exploring the locations on the map in order to collect resources. Each location is made up of two to three rooms. These rooms not only lack light but also have deadly dangers such radioactive everywhere and mutant animals. This radiation can cause permanent damage to your health, reducing your HP until it is completely gone. Gas masks may be an option in these cases, but they only help for a short time and do not allow you to enter the radiation zone. It is crucial that you complete all tasks quickly so that your blood doesn’t run out. To avoid death, you must start over.

Simple control mechanism

Underworld has one thing I love: The Shelter is a simple control system with only one virtual analog. All actions, such as unlocking radioactive people, fighting or rescuing them, are performed automatically. You just need to be able to move properly and avoid radioactive animals or laser beams.

You will get experience points for leveling up every time your character receives items, rescues a resident, or kills a monster. After this, your HP bar will refill and the gas mask will increase. This is also a way for you to stay alive while exploring.

Underworld-The-Shelter-MOD-APK2Underworld: The Shelter MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot


Underworld: The Shelter MOD APK was designed using a simple 2D graphics platform. While the game isn’t as stunning as some of the other current games, it runs smoothly on most tablets and mobile phones. The game could have better designed monsters for explorer areas. This is a real problem as monsters are simply described by a simple circle and the HP bar. It was a scary feeling to see the dark end of the world.

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Main Features

  • Mission about collecting various material of surviving and experience fast and breathtaking battles!
  • Construction and operation of various production facilities.
  • Residency happiness management and strategic facility layout.
  • Various equipment collection and production.
  • Experience the thrill of intense online invade(PvP) battle between real players!

Underworld Reviews

Phoenix 666: Amazing and entertaining, it’s great when you are bored. I have played it through my lockdown, and it is truly fun.

Vahe Nazaryan: Good for you, at last something to do that isn’t boring but also makes your time go faster

Arielle Williams: It’s very similar to Fallout Shelter but with less emphasis on personalizing the shelter and more focus on exploration. You can play it for 10 minutes or two hours. PVP is confusing. It just states “unable to locate matc…

Drcoffee2006: This is an amazing game. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t force you to watch ads. This game is highly recommended! It isn’t laggy or buggy. However, the UI needs some tweaking. Apart from that, the game itself is incredible. It’s been over a year since I started playing and it still amazes me how much there is to do.

Sunny Dumby: This app has been fine. I haven’t had any negative experiences.??

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