Publisher Perfect Game Speed,
Category Arcade,
Latest Version 1.1
Size 981MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Keys, Unlocked
Requirements Android 6.0+
Updated On September 19, 2023
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Introduction to Unruly Heroes

Unruly Heroes APK lets you explore the classic tale of Chinese culture. This game is free to download and you can embark on an international rescue mission.

The storyline


Buddha used the Bible as a way to maintain a balance between Heaven and Earth and allow them to live in peace since the creation of humanity and civilization. But it wasn’t long before the wicked demons began to grow, breaking the delicate balance, tearing the Bible to pieces and scattered everywhere. This has led to many unpleasant consequences. The creatures who have the Bible’s fragment to inherit power are made into monsters.

Buddha faced this chaotic situation and gave the responsibility to Sandmonk, a young monk. He will meet his three disciples, and begin his journey to retrieve the lost scriptures. There are many challenges ahead of them. You can join them on this difficult, dangerous and exhausting journey.


Unruly Heroes APK, a classic 2D platformer video game, is very easy to comprehend. While it may look a lot like Rayman Legends, the gameplay is quite different. After playing as Wukong, you’ll gather three other characters, Sanzang and Sandmonk. All of them are playable. You can switch between them simply by tapping the avatar icon located in the upper right corner. Unruly Heroes has unique characteristics that each of the characters have. To put it another way, they must use their abilities at certain points to solve the puzzles and complete the level.

There are three goals for each level that you must reach. The first goal is to collect coins. The level of the required coin collection will determine how much. Second, you will need to locate pieces of the Bible. These are usually hidden on a map or locked in an area that is difficult to access. Finally, there is the time factor. This means that you must finish the level before the game runs out.

These requirements may seem simple at first, but they are difficult to meet. It takes a lot of time to obtain items. You will need to inspect every nook and corner, dig through hidden wooden crates or break down walls that surround them, or go out of bounds.

Unruly-Heroes-APK-2Unruly Heroes MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Sometimes I have to replay the same level repeatedly and try to play in a “try – false” style. It helps me learn many things. This is how you solve the puzzle and get the level completed faster.

Journey to the West features familiar faces

The four main characters in Unruly Heroes are named after their original Chinese names. The first is Wukong – who is known as The Monkey King. He was born as an egg on top a mountain and possesses 72 types of magic. He is a fantastic character for roleplaying and playing. In fact, that’s true because Wukong is very fast and strong. Wukong can perform double jumps in the air.

The second is Sanzang – a man from a monk background. Because of a mistake, he was banished from earth. Instead of going with a group o Wukong, he requested sutras. Sanzang has the ability to use his necklace to attack enemies and activate things to help you overcome obstacles. He is the last one to have the best jump ability. You can use this advantage to climb up high terrain on the map.

Kihong – one of the most interesting and loved characters on the TV show. He can attack his opponents from a far greater range, even though he looks like a fat porky. Kihong can blow his body up to keep him in the air longer than other people.

And finally, Sandmonk – the leader of the group. According to the original story, he wasn’t armed. Unruly Heroes proved that he is able to only attack his opponents with punches. The party’s most lethal member, Sandmonk can be used to smash solid objects and walls.


Interesting puzzles and intellectual challenges

Unruly Heroes APK gives each character a unique ability to solve puzzles. If the game is just a regular platformer game, gamers wouldn’t want to “hook up” to download it. Puzzles make everything more exciting to conquer.

Although they are not difficult, the puzzles will test your patience. Why? Because Unruly Heroes is a game that uses the element of time. When the timer expires, the game will end and you must start it over again. The puzzles mostly involve finding the hidden switch to unlock a room that contains the castle. Sometimes, however, the key to unlocking a room can be found indirectly and not through a switch. This is important to remember. You also need to learn the capabilities of the characters and exploit them to solve problems.

Amazing graphics

The worlds of the game are wonderfully simulated. Unruly Heroes’ graphics are therefore very impressive. All images are drawn by hand in bold, detailed art. You will find everything from dangerous swamps to windy mountains, and even the darkest places on Earth. You will also be transported to a wonderland with stunning views, and that’s when you can immerse yourself in it.

Apart from the stunning scenery, the Bible collection journey also features music. Sometimes it is intense, other times it is soothing and changes with the context. Maybe not, they won’t make you flutter, but they also add more flavor to the journey. Each character in the game is unique. They are depicted according to their individual aesthetics, depending on the developer’s perspective.


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Main Features

Amazing hand

  • Drawn art style—Rich and in-depth level design illustrates a vivid sense of realism.

Switch between the master or disciples

  • Switch between the four characters quickly and effortlessly to solve puzzles or obstacles.

Multifaceted gameplay

  • More than ten gameplay elements include: fighting, puzzle-solving, loot gathering, platforming, parkour, and many other activities.

Unruly Heroes Reviews

Since: Getting up to five stars. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with this game. Google Play – Save Game doesn’t work but it saves locally and can also be backed-up manually. Smooth gameplay and great visuals. Great story. It was certainly an unforgettable experience for a younger audience.

K P: This action platformer is beautiful and deserves more attention. Focus on the items, not the time it takes to complete the stage. This will help you appreciate the detail and attention that went into each level. Highly recommended

Unknown Gamer: This is a gorgeous game. The graphics remind me of Rayman Origins. The controls are simple and the sound is wonderful. I haven’t found any issues yet. It’s a beautiful platformer.

Yonatan Harari: A true gem! This game is in a different league from other mobile games.

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