Publisher DimasjkTV,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 1.3.6
Size 793MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android+
Updated On September 18, 2023
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Vengeance Introduction

Vengeance MOD APK: Are you ready for a heroic life? Use your strength to defeat monsters that seek to endanger the peace in the world.


You are brave and have unique abilities as a Vengeance soldier. You can summon undead, train horses and adventure to new places.

Your mission is to complete the tasks assigned by NPCs. This will allow you to uncover mysteries previously unknown.


If you’ve ever experienced DIABLO, you may feel that Vengeance’s map design is similar, because the details are meticulously designed and complete. You are invited to explore the lands, dungeons, and hundreds of monster species. Prepare to face them!


Like other RPG role-playing games, Vengeance’s control system is quite complete and professional.

To control the character’s movement, a joystick button is located to the left. The virtual key buttons on the right allow the character attack and magic. The red orb icon in the upper corner allows the player to monitor the character’s health.

High damage magic will require a lot more mana. When you don’t have enough mana to use the skill, you can only use basic attack techniques.

Vengeance also allows players to mount their characters. This feature not only makes your character more agile, but it also makes you look more powerful and can be used to aid in battles. You can choose to disable mounts from the settings.


Vengeance MOD APK can have up to seven character classes. These include Knights, Assassins (supporters), Wizards, Archers and Priests as well as Necromancers.


You can select a character type, but you also have the option to choose your gender. Each one of them has four skills. They have the advantage in a particular aspect of war.

Magic books can be used to enhance your character’s skills.

To become stronger, you can use support items such as wearing defensive equipment and equipping with weapons. If the character has both swords and shields, he will have a better chance of winning.

Equipment and articles

Initially, your character will only have an iron hammer. During battle, you can acquire other weapons. It will be dropped by enemies that you defeat. These can be collected to be used.

If that doesn’t work, you should gather materials to craft. These items often have higher stats. The type of material will determine how high the index is. Legendary equipment can be created by rare pieces and gems.

They are also extremely helpful. While they may only be effective for a brief time, their growth can help players overcome challenges more quickly.

Legendary mascots, mounts and horses can also be used to aid players in battle. More allies will improve your chances of winning and increase your strength.

You will receive coins when you complete missions or win the battle. These coins are used to purchase costumes, magic spells, and upgrade them.


Vengeance-MOD-APK3Vengeance MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The common trait of most RPGs is beautiful graphics. Vengeance is no exception. Its context is magnificently designed, giving the game a feeling of old with mysterious tones. You will find the game more appealing due to its lively and heroic sound platform. You can enjoy the best view of the medieval landscape from the top.

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Main Features

  • Character with subclasses
  • Enhance & crafting items.
  • Mythic & legendary items.
  • Many monsters & locations with beautiful music.
  • No in-game store & energy. No p2w. You can only buy and play.
  • Different vehicles

Vengeance Reviews

Seef le Roux: A great game. A good ARPG should include grinding. It’s a shame that grinding is a necessary part of any good ARPG. Even then, it can be very difficult to progress the story and impress the bosses. This makes it a little unbalanced. It’s still worth it though.

Albert Blaauw: It is a very enjoyable game. There is a bug in archer that I am experiencing where I can shoot, but nothing else.

Miles Henderson: This is the closest thing I have come to diablo with a phone. The best Android dungeon-crawler. Great work devs!

ForwardslashTim: It’s one of my favorite Diabloesque mobile dungeon crawlers. The class/skill system can be customized and spells can be cast both efficiently and fun. Notice to Dev: It is far too easy to accidentally drop items from your inventory. Sorry if this was already mentioned, but I find that I drop items rather then inspecting them within my inventory.

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