Publisher Rexet Studio,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.0.9
Size 21MB
MOD Features Mod Menu
Requirements Android 4.0+
Updated On December 7, 2023
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Introduction Game

MurderGame Portable MOD APK for Android is an online action game. Provides the player to engage in an unusual confrontation between the killer and the witness.

MurderGame Portable, all users are put in the location where the battle will take place. One of the gamers was a killer who had to use a knife to destroy other participants. This should be done in a way that cannot be calculated by others.

MurderGame Portable is a multiplayer action game in which one player becomes an assassin, while the others are bystanders.

The assassin, armed with a knife he could hide at any moment, is trying to kill everyone around him, while all other players are simply trying to survive. .

MurderGame Portable for Android is a very unique multiplayer game. Provides a very enjoyable game experience. Without requiring great graphics or loads of play options.

MurderGame Portable Mod ApkMurderGame Portable MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • An unusual confrontation between murderer and witness.
  • Attractive random case location
  • Play as an assassin or witness to a crime

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Reviews Of Game

Gacha Memer: I love games but I really want a single player mode. Because everything could be fairer. Innocent guys look for clues. And take the gun and then do the same thing at the spot. The detective can shoot someone suspicious but if they see someone. With a knife it will shoot towards them but miss. The killer will kill when the opportunity arises. If you feel lucky you can kill more than 1 in a COM area. Reacts to knives, guns and clues the same way a normal person does.

Sydney Bice: I think this game is really fun and challenging. This is a great game to play if you want to waste time. What I don’t really understand is what people write. In the review reviews say “the game will be fine. If there are not many cheaters” and “There are many cheaters” It is not a game provided for everyone. Hack and cheat, it’s the people. Almost any game can have a hacker. And that’s not the game’s fault. I hope this makes sense with what I’m trying to say.

Aiden F: Great game. A lot of hackers but I don’t care because I’ve hacked some games. Nice graphics for a Play Store game. Just like Garry’s Mod / GMod ……. Oh good memories of Garry’s Mod. Also here are some of the content in the game. There are 3 types of people you can be born with, Outsiders. The Outsider has a gun (Basically Sheriff) and The Murderer. You can also find guns placed around the map so you don’t have to show up with guns.

Tyler Guice: This game is awesome! Graphics are not that good, but still AWESOME. I have seen a lot of “hackers” * gossip about Martin Yong. Cry * and all the things that I think. They are just fools who can’t play the game properly. Please also fix the malfunction as you can go inside the box. Really appreciate it!

Martin Yong: LET US USE MICS. The game is quite good but I want to use the in-game microphone. I love this game, it’s awesome but hard to play when I need to type to talk. My only problem would be fixed if the microphone was added. I give five stars because the mic is a want for the game, not a need.

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