Publisher KingsGroup Holdings,
Category Strategy,
Latest Version 1.20.0
Size 143MB
MOD Features No Skill CD, Mod Menu
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On October 12, 2023
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State of Survival Introduction

State of Survival MOD APK (Mod Menu), is a survival game that KingsGroup Holdings has developed in the tactical style. They have many survival games, including Z Day: Hearts of Heroes.


State of Survival MOD APK is set in the future. Humanity is now facing a zombie crisis. Every nation and every civilization were quickly destroyed by the monstrous disease. All of the government and army fled to safety. Six months later, the pandemic broke out and you now have to fight for your life on the ground. Now, whether it is money, power, love… everything is no longer so important. There is no way to survive in a world of zombies.


NewHope47 can be a place people will call home when they are done with their journey. It is home to several buildings and a dedicated population. We are looking for a Leader in Civilization to guide us through the zombie epidemic that has altered and disrupted society.


As the Chief, you will be responsible for developing a long-term plan that restores human society in a dynamic environment. You will be able remove barriers and spread settlements into the surrounding area. You can then upgrade to the next level. Your efforts will increase the production of resources as well as encourage technological innovations that benefit residents of State of Survival.


Your day-to-day activities are your responsibility. These include fighting bandits, and eliminating undead zombies. A mixed army will be managed by you. You will manage a mixed army that includes snipers and archers as well melee fighters, motorcycle riders, and even a sniper. Your task force can also include a brave dog.


Dr. Yamazaki can help you to continue your ambitious campaign in a long-term and sustainable manner. You may need a small team of Heroes, warriors of first class, to help you search for information or resources. They may even have to go through the trash. Your plans will be challenged by the undead.

2State of Survival MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

An ideal candidate will be free of all types of disease, have strategic thinking skills, and a passion to restore civilisation. You must be able work independently and communicate well with other leaders in the union.

State of Survival MOD APK lets you have flexible working hours and can command your citizens from home. You’ll also have helpful tools to reach your target audience – including cutting-edge technologies like axes and maces – and the opportunity to write your name in civilization restoration history.

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Main Features


  • Your settlement can be built without military support to create a safe place and foundation for the post-apocalyptic land of zombies. Your strategies should become a reality. Fight the virus that causes people to die! It’s time to fight! It’s time to fight the invading forces! Survive if you can!


  • This survival game will allow you to save survivors as well as increase your resistance to infected zombies. You’ll need to search for those with special abilities. These people will be the champions of this plague war. It’s time for us to start shooting!


  • The zombie army disease is evolving rapidly. It is essential that you learn all possible information about the disease in order to devise a strategy for defeating the zombie invasion. The one who stops the spread of the virus can control the world. There is survival and war in the world. Stop the apocalypse


  • There is strength in numbers. In order to survive the horrors of the infected wild, this strategy survival game will require you to find allies and to form strategic alliances. You can form armies to eliminate anyone who tries to exploit you. Prepare for the battle against zombies and the apocalypse. Your survival is at stake!

Get the Rulebook

  • It’s humanity 2.0. You can rewrite the rules to ensure humanity’s survival and defeat this invading army. This is a survival strategy for zombies shooter game and you will not be rescued from the military. This game is different from other military wargames.

State of Survival Reviews

Eazy: This is the most popular game in this genre. It’s extremely F2P-friendly. I promise. All heroes in the game are yours free of charge, with the exception of one. It doesn’t matter as there are many other heroes just like you, or perhaps even more powerful than yours. You can also farm the daily “intel” tasks.

ThePuc09: Overall, the game has improved. Since recent updates, the game loads faster. They are also generous with their event rewards. It is important to be active and learn new things. You will find it easier to maintain your level of activity and keep your levels up.

JaLee Paris McCoy: I am absolutely in love with this game ! Minus the 2nd construction slot , I am a F2P free to play , and yes it is hard to play against any gamer who has the option to P2P pay to play , but I am a great player so I don’t worry . Learn your routine on daily’s and find a good alliance and most importantly remember , it’s a game . Have fun 🙂

Download State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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